EA Plans to Charge for Demos? | LOTSO4

EA Plans to Charge for Demos? | LOTSO4

We discuss the future direction of the Xbox 360 in light of the 360 Slim and external storage feature rumors, & cover EA’s possible plans to charge for demos. Plus a full look at God of War III and why it just might be one of the best games of all time!

THEN – We take on the current state of Nintendo, what we once saw as a leader of the pack bringing some of the most innovative a fun games to the market – but have they just become a gimmick? A non-gamers system? Or maybe they’ve always been like that and we out grew their target market? We discuss that and much much more on this week’s Legend of the Stoned Owl!

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XBox Slim Rumor
XBox Getting USB Storage?
2k being accused of dlc already being on the disc.

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