Welcome Back Dan! | STOked 113

Welcome Back Dan! | STOked 113

Chris chat’s with Star Trek Online’s Executive Producer, Daniel Stahl. Chris asks about new challenge he faces, the speed of player leveling, the success of the new featured episodes, and hints about future updates to sector space, the foundry, and Klingons!

PLUS: Chris reviews the new featured episode, Facility 4028. And we’ve got a new community feedback that covers recent discovered game exploits, and we follow up on a lot of your STF loot feedback!

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Ask Cryptic: March 2012 is Here
DStahl’s back
A handy thread explaining (in short) what the Foundry could expect to see in Season 6

STF Loot Bags Explained

When you successfully complete an STF, including the optional objectives, you will have two different loot bags provided –  the personal loot bag and the team loot bag. Obviously, the personal one is loot just for you and the team loot bag, which is obtained from successfully completing the optional objectives, is divided up using the Need or Greed system. The loot you get in those bags is taken from multiple loot tables in the following manner.

Personal Loot Bag:

  • Table A – always gives you every item every time which is EDCs, dilithium and a mystery box. This is your GUARANTEED reward for mission completion.
  • Table B – always gives you at least one item but can be more which includes Bind On Equip space & ground gear and also Borg Salvage. This means that you will always get something from this loot table but not necessarily the salvage drop.
  • Table C – this table contains the high end loot, the Borg tech drops. Everytime you successfully complete an STF the game decides if you should be offered an item from this table. It is 100% NOT GUARANTEED loot. You have a chance to get the tech drop and a pretty low one based on user feedback 1% or lower is suspected right now (unconfirmed). This “roll” by the game engine does not take into account how many STF runs you have done it simply flips a coin to see if you are to be offered a tech drop for this specific STF completion. It is the primary source of making players insane as this heavily gates access to MK XII equipment and sets.

    So for each completion of an STF as a player I will get:

    • EDCs / dilithium / mystery box
    • 1 or more Bind On Equip space gear,  ground gear or borg salvage
    • a chance at getting a Borg tech drop (chance guaranteed, loot not so)

The second loot bag is a shared one across the team based on completing the optional objectives in any STF. It is constructed in a similar way to the personal loot bag but with some key differences.

  • only 1 loot table containing all of the items (does NOT include Borg tech drops, EVER)
  • usually 4 items from the loot table are offered as a reward to the team (can include salvage)

This shows that the lock boxes that were added to the loot system recently are actually included in a table that has nothing to do with the Borg Tech drops and their minuscule drop rate is therefore a separate issue. The information presented here is derived from a  – post made by Gozer.

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