Zenithink C71 | In Depth Look

Zenithink C71 | In Depth Look

So what is it? It\’s a tablet called the C71 built by ZeniThink, sold under various names.

ZeniThink appears to be competing in the cheap Android space, and some of their models have some real design flair to them.

Zenithink were one of the first Android tablet makers in China, and were responsible for the original Android ePad almost 2 years ago.

The C71 is their cheapest unit, and it also happens to be the unit the highly anticipated KDE Spark Tablet will be built around.

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Show Notes


Price. $150 shipped.
Very current Android
Ships Rooted!
Screen is bright
5-Point Capacitive Touchscreen
VERY easy to re-flash. Just hold down Power and Volume Down at boot.


There is no GPS, which is not uncommon for a 7 inch without 3G, but I would have liked it.
There is no bluetooth, which would have been nice.
No 3G
Vertical viewing angle is limited.
4GB of Storage, makes it tight for apps. Gonna need a TF Memory Card
Speaker on the Back, so audio is always away from you.

Build Quality

You can\’t complain much at $150. But it feels very sturdy, but a bit cheap. Some dirt under the screen (very noticeable in one spot) and light bleed from the LEDs.


Music: About 8 hours
Video: About 3-4 hours
Standby: About two days

A Different Tactic:

Unlike Apple, Motorola, Samsung, and many others. ZeniThink is going for the direct sale, and white label approach. Mine was labeled and sold as the UPAD

The Real Competition:


Spark Tablet:

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Download ICS from Zenthink

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