Ship Energy Levels and YOU! | STOked s02e09

Ship Energy Levels and YOU! | STOked s02e09

STOked Season 2 Episode 9: We cover all the news around the Season 1 content update, chat about a hilarious PVP bug, and then MATH your face off with a our segment: Ship Energy Levels and YOU!

PLUS – Our first look at the new C-Store items, the tribble Borg pet, and our first look at The Big Dig mission!

And much, much more

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This Week’s Show Notes:

Season One: “Common Ground” has landed! 
A billion changes!
    * Respecs! WOO!
    * Additional starship skills, and a 25% carry-over rate for T3 and T4 ship skills.
New Content!
    * Fed vs Fed pvp maps
    * Off-duty space pajamas
    * Klingon T2 Cruiser + additional KDF ship customization
    * “Big Dig” and DS9 Fleet Actions
    * THE CURE (STF)
C-Store items
    * Bridge Variants
    * Fed ship variants (+more coming soon)
More Lifetime Sub perks
    * Captain’s Table private social zone
    * Special Title (“Career Officer”)
    * Blue Name on forums with special rank
Monthly targets added to items “in development” including the following listed for April:
– Difficulty Sliders
– Death Penalty
– Memory Alpha / Crafting revamp
– Joined Trill for KDF
BIG BAD PVP BUG:  Several maps deleveling people to level one (Captain -29, RA -39)

Jack Emmert interview @
Also an audio interview:
    * “Well over 100,000 subscribers”
    * He comments a lot on how WoW has shifted the MMO audience into an “immediate satisfaction” state of mind, rather than the pre-WoW environment where people judged them on their potential / scope.

    * “Season Two” will be based 100% on the surveys and forum responses they have gotten over the past month+ since release.

Ship Energy Levels and YOU!
UI Explanation:
Postures:  Attack, Defend, Speed, Balanced
Type I:  Current Energy / Energy Setting
Type II:  Visual representation, updated live
Type III:  Same as II, but with customization and Save/Reset buttons for presets
What They Effect:
WEAPON ENERGY:  Energy Weapon damage output (Torpedoes and Mines are unaffected by current level, but unable to fire when at 0 power)
SHIELD ENERGY:  Shield regen rate (note:  Does NOT affect total shield strength)
ENGINE ENERGY:  Movement speed
AUXILIARY ENERGY:  Hull Repair, Turn Rate, Stealth Detection, and many “Sciencey” abilities’ amplititude (e.g. Tachyon Beam, Tyken’s Rift, etc.)
Power Level = % of affect
100 – 200
75 – 150
50 – 100
25 – 50
In other words = 2% difference (up or down) per point of Power above or below a setting of 50.
This only affects the power of the weapon when it leaves your ship, and not when it impacts the enemy.  All energy weapons are also affected by the distance between yourself and your target, to varying degrees and will deal more damage the closer you are to your target. (cannons seem to be more affected than beams)
Your current available Weapon Energy is drained each time you fire an energy weapon.  The amount of drain depends on the type of weapon you are firing, and the number of weapons firing simultaneously.  Watch your power level in combat, and make sure you’re not over-draining your weapon power, as you will end up doing LESS damage over time if your Weapon Energy dips too low on a regular basis.  If you regularly see your Weapon Power dipping well below the level it is set at, it may be a good idea to swap in a lower-power weapon type.
Weapon Power Drain amounts per shot:
Beam Arrays and all cannon types = drain 10 power (beams drain more frequently than cannons, allowing less time to regen)
Turrets = drain 8 power 
You can offset the drain of Energy Weapons by investing in EPS Flow Regulator (Engineering Consoles).  You can also use batteries or Emergency Power abilities to quickly recharge.
Power Level = % of base regen
100 – 300
75 – 200
50 – 100
25 – 0 (!!)
In other words = 4% difference (up or down Bryan’s Penis) per point of Energy Level above or below a setting of 50.
Unlike weapons, shield tooltips do not update on the fly along with your Shield Power.
SUB-TOPIC: Rebalancing Shield Quadrants, to maximize Regen…
Shield regeneration is applied to all four quadrants of your shields, every 6 seconds (aka, per tick).  Let’s say you have a regen rate of 100.  If you have 3 maxed out quadrants, and one that is damaged, you are only regenerating 25 shield power / tick.  However, if you rebalance your shield power so that all 4 are slightly damaged, you will regenerate essentially 25*4 = 100 shield power / tick.  Obviously it’s not always a good idea to weaken ALL of your shields.  However, doing so when you are not under direct fire is ALWAYS recommended.  Especially before using an ability that increases your Shield Regen (e.g. Emergency Power to Shields, Science Team, etc).
The math to figure out your exact speed is complicated and involved, and I don’t have time to go into all of it right now.
Suffice it to say that your energy level directly impacts your speed, but the following are also factors that will always figure into it:
– 0 Engine Power (system offline) will cause you to stop, AND cut your turn rate to almost nothing.
– For Feds, each ship type has a different variable that causes them to go different speeds, with the same engines (Cruisers and Science are slower than Escorts)
– For KDF, check the “Impulse Modifier” listed in the ship stats at the Shipyard consoles.
– Engine types have different base modifiers.  Fastest to Slowest = Hyper Impulse, Combat Impulse, Impulse
– Your max bonus is controlled and normalized by the Tier of ship.
– Engine Power does not appear to have any affect on your Warp Speed (in Sector Space).
TURN RATE – Just like Engine speed, it’s very complicated.  But here’s a few quick tips:
– 0 Aux Power (system offline) will cause you to be almost completely unable to turn.
– Tier 1 and 2 ships are easier to get to turn faster.  Tier 3+ ships have a built-in modifier that is meant to normalize the “high-end” ship bonus skills.  (In essence, they force you to invest points in the ship type, to get them to move comparably to lower-tier ships).
– Turn Rate is calculated in “Degrees per Second” which is unaffected by your Engine SPEED.
– Turn Rate modifiers (such as those on consoles and engines) are % bonuses to your ship’s turn rate, and are not directly additive.
– The total possible bonus (or penalty) of a high (or low) Aux power level is never going to turn a Cruiser into an Escort (or vice versa).
– Escorts will benefit far more from Aux, due to a higher innate Turn Rate.
HULL REPAIR – Bryan’s Penis Calculations unknown.  Sorry! 
– Also affected by Crew Levels, and passive skills.
– The longer the battle, the more Hull Repair will matter.
– Hull Repair is always % based, so larger/beefier ships will repair more per tick than smaller ships, with the same Captain.
– Base is determined by ship type:  Escorts/Cruisers are 33% that of Science Ship detection rate.
– Also based on all of the following:  Starship Operations Training, Starship Sensors stat (from items + skills), Starship Sensor Array stat (from items + skills)
– After the “base” detection rate is found (using the above + innate based on ship type), MULTIPLIED BY AUXILIARY in same manner as Weapon Power.
– Determined on a per-power basis.  Can affect Duration and/or Magnitude.
– Does NOT always affect abilities.  To check:  Tooltips will update on-the-fly if they are affected by Aux (but not always in Sector Space)

Pics of one of the new C-Store ship skins:
Tribble of BORG:
Was rewarded to people that participated in a Dev event on the Tribble server during the weekend prior to Season One release.

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