Tribble Grow Like a PRO | STOked s02e10

Tribble Grow Like a PRO | STOked s02e10

STOked Season 2 Episode 10: We give you our brief thoughts on the recently announced Star Trek Online Advisory Council; and cover our favorite STO news items of the week.

Then: We cover the secret sauce in our tribble breeding MATH segment!

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This Week’s Show Notes:


We have been invited by Cryptic’s PR department to participate in what they are calling their “Federation Council”
Goals of the Council:
Bring the input of our audiences directly to Cryptic
Facilitate a direct line of communication between Cryptic and their fans
Help them brainstorm solutions to ongoing issues that will be well-received by their player base.

Use “” to send suggestions and information that you’d like brought up at these discussions.

“Needs of the Many” novel released! (this is a link to our store on Amazon)
Not as long or involved as many had hoped. A series of interviews conducted by the Department of Temporal Investigation.
Fun read for big fans of the game and its storyline.
“Character Profile” pages are now LIVE at Cryptic’s website!
Main Page:
Buggy, inconsistent. Does not include your custom Biography yet.
Does this raise privacy issues?
Ship Power Level effects will be CHANGING soon:
Systems will be simplified and improved.
Shield level will affect absorbtion
Engine level will affect turn rate (removed from Aux)
Cryptic publishes “Tips and Tricks” video series:
So far they have tips on Flanking and Exploiting (both covered in our Release Day Tutorials:
Path to 2409 updates coming soon!
Free stuff!


Tribble Breeding!
aka, “How to Rule the Universe with Furry Minions”


Tribbles are actually USEFUL! Equipping certain breeds of tribbles in your ground-device slot, and clicking them, will bestow buffs upon your Captain and his/her Bridge Crew.

* A quick instant heal
* A damage boost
* A resistance boost
* Or a regeneration buff

And some of these buffs, with the right RARE breed of Tribble, can be stacked up to 3-times their base strength, or combinations of multiple types of buff (e.g., damage boost + resistance)

The process is time-consuming and a total money-sink (tribbles sell to NPCs for zero credits). But it’s still fun!


Breeding tribbles can be expressed in a simple mathematical equation: Tribble + Food + Time = New Tribble

“Tribble” = The original tribble can be ANY tribble in the game, even the unique ones (Best Buy Tribble & Tribble of Borg). Breeding a unique tribble will NOT result in additional unique types — they will breed into tribbles that can be obtained thru normal breeding.

“Time” = roughly hourly increments, but not thoroughly defined or set in stone. Just be patient.

“Food” = ANY food. Various foods have different effects, but generally speaking ANY food will result in a new tribble.

Some quick tips:
* Right Click on their icon and choose “Info” to see a complete list of their abilities, breed, and more.
* Tribbles held in your ground-device slot seem to only breed while you are on the ground.
* To STOP a tribble from breeding, simply be sure to sell or destroy any food items you may loot.
* Your bridge officers can (and WILL) use tribbles, if equipped in their device slots.


Every sub-species of Tribble has a defined breed. These are named after the Devs of Star Trek online, and include Rivera, Zinc, Stahl, Griffis, and dozens more. Each of these breeds will always have the same stats, within their breed.

The breed names are listed on their info, or you can also check one of the many geniusly-designed breeding charts around the web, and match them up by color. (e.g.,

“Solid color” tribbles can be pet for a small heal. More specifically, the Dotson, Stahl and Sparkes breeds. These 3 breeds are what you usually find as loot.

If you feed these breeds ANY food (yes this time it really is ANY), you have a chance of receiving a Susilo, Vitales, or Thompson.

These new and improved breeds will breed into the genetic precursor to all further breeds — the TUFFLI breed. All you have to do is combine them with any food that gives a +64% hitpoint boost.


Once you have your Tuffli Tribble in-hand, you’re well on your way to selective breeding of better tribbles.

* From Tuffli and up, all breeds interact in a unique manner with each individual food item in the game.
* Generally speaking, the higher the food buffs your hitpoints, the higher chance of receiving a higher-quality tribble.
* To control your breeding, only ever have ONE tribble on your body at a time – including device slots of yourself and your boffs. Put the rest in the bank (WITHOUT FOOD)
* Many foods that are considered ‘rare’ can actually be purchased at DS9, so check those vendors before spending your credits on the Exchange.


Sorry for the lower video quality than normal – we shot and captured all of this footage using WeGame as an experiment when our other capture method kept failing.


Tribble FAQ:
Tribble Evolution Flowcharts:
Breed Chart:
IfniLuck’s Breeding Doc:
Tribble info on STO-Intel:

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