New Show! Part 2 | In Depth look

New Show! Part 2 | In Depth look

One thing everyone around the world now shares is common, is the universal truth that a giant industry exists to filter out our lives make sure we only hear and see what they want us to.

For many of us there have been watershed events that force us to really see this in it\’s entire scope.

Once faced with this hard truth, I was left with only one thing to do. To start a new show, and unfilter our lives. And I\’m going to tell you all about it – In this week\’s episode of an In Depth Look!

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Show Notes


There is a lot of really interesting things happening in the world, and 2012 is sure to keep that trend going.

We\’ll keep our focus on the technology angle whenever we can, and watch for your feedback to fine tune the topics you like the most.

Special Format

Twice a week. Mini, with headlines and tease for the big show later in the week.
And we want your input.
Open Skype/Google+ during core live segments.


Metalfreak, from the JBLIVE chatroom and an active member in our subreddits will join me, and frequent JB hosts will stop by to share something from their corner of the world.

And maybe a few surprises!



Pre-recorded segments played live, so live stream experiences the entire show live. And this is recorded, saving editing.

Audio only, with visuals ala SciByte.


When it\’s ready! After we get TORked launched, its the next show out of the gate. We\’re still putting some of the final bits in place, but expect to hear more soon!

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