Getting Dilithium Fast | STOked 116

Getting Dilithium Fast | STOked 116

It’s our best tips and tricks to gathering Dilithium as efficiently as you can. Plus we’ll bust through some STO news from the week, and give you our review of the new Dilithium mining event!

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  • A little more insight from DStahl

    EVERYONE else (the majority of the team) is working on stuff that you will not see until the next big update – Season 6. That is where you will see things like Fleet Advancement system, Starbases, new types of Fleet Only “fleet actions”, updated PVP, new Foundry features, and if we are lucky, maybe even some leaderboards. Oh and maybe some Tholians.

Ship Interior Functionality via the Doff System

– New NPCs on your Ship Interiors (and a few public maps) that offer two types of assignments: Fixed and Rotating
– Fixed NPC Assignments will include things like crafting hyposprays, regenerators and ship components.
– Rotating NPC Assignments will include a mix of existing Shipboard and Sector assignments, as well as newly-crafted unique assignments ONLY available on these NPCs.
– Many steps of different Assignment Chains have been moved to these NPCs, to ensure that players participating in the Doff system check their interior somewhat regularly.
– Rotating NPC Assignments will be different on different interiors. If you don’t like what your NPCs are offering, visit a friend’s interior instead.

Tactical View:

  • Dilithium Mining
  • Useful for lower level players without access to better dilithium missions e.g. STFs
  • Excellent environment with details such as low gravity “walking”
  • Beautiful D’Kora model hovering above the asteroid (JamJamz designed it)
  • Lack of profession specific aspects
    • Engineering: Ensuring heat dissipation during mining
    • Science: Regulating power level to ensure optimum laser cutting power
    • Tactical: Targetting dilithium veins effectively
  • Asteroid Mining Guide

Dilithium Gathering Tips:

  • -Multiple methods – casual & hardcore / low level & capped
  • -Dailies / Special Events / Doff Assignments / Dismissing Doffs
  • -Return on time investment is the key factor – dilithium per minute?
  • -Daily Lore Mission – 480 dilithium for FED & KDF (academy mission)
  • -Daily Foundry – 3 missions for 1440 (console missions expedite this)
  • -Daily Cluster Exploration – 1440 for 3 missions (fastest with 3 scans)
  • -Dilithium Mining Event – unsure of cap but seems to be 1K for 10 mins of play
  • -STFs – elites give 1100 for completion for 20 to 30 mins of play with loot possibilities
  • -Fleet Actions – 1440 dilithium each
  • -KDF Sorties – 960 for Sortie Alpha, 960 for Sortie Bravo both repeatable every 30 mins
  • -KDF “Path Of The Warrior” – wrapper mission for Sorties giving 2400 daily
  • –800 Day Vet Reward – unique doff assigment which increases daily refining cap
  • -STOwiki – dilithium mission guide

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