Lightsabers & Legacies | TORked 1

Lightsabers & Legacies | TORked 1

The massive 1.2 Patch is very near and we share what we’re looking forward to, plus we have companion complaints, and the great things you can expect to see in the legacy system.

All that and more on this week’s episode of TORked!

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> News

> Main Content

  • Legacy System Features
    • Family Tree – set up relationships including non-familial ones e.g. rivals
    • Race Unlocks
    • Specific account bound “legacy” items & emailing them to alts
    • Cross class powers due to genetic heritage
    • Further additions slated for Patch 1.3
  • Mention of poor romance options
    • Lack of flirting options for female characters
    • Why are female Sith Warriors not getting more action (Pathetic Men)?
    • Poor selection of male companions (exception Andronikos Revel)
    • Expected possibility of same gender romances in future

> Community Feedback

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> Next Week

  • 1.2 patch notes part 2 – SO many changes and updates to investigate
  • Test server feedback from our team as they continue to explore
  • MMO “holy trinity” of Tank-Healer-Damage Dealer and how it works in SWTOR

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