Your Questions Craig’s Answers | STOked 30

Your Questions Craig’s Answers | STOked 30

We interview Craig Zinkievich and ask him the questions on the communities mind(s), and find out about some up and coming game improvements and planned changes!

PLUS – We discuss the new Khitomer Accord STF launch and much much more!

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Khitomer Accord STF launches!
* Third in the story arc – you must successfully complete Infected and Cure to unlock this mission.
* Hardest of the existing STF missions
* Special “secret” reward? Not currently working, but hinted at by Gozer:

Ambient Creature poll?
* … just … what?

Ask Cryptic: PvP Q&A
* Focus on improving existing elements (queuing, matchmaking) over expanding features.
* Summary:
Q: I have an idea for new pvp features/mechanics. Have you considered this?
A: Yes, we have considered this.

Craig Z Interview @ Videogamer:
* Acknowledgement that ground combat needs serious help.
* Hints at coming features:
– UI work, tooltip user-friendliness, skill tree explanations in-game.
* Interesting fact: Their CCU numbers are higher than normal for MMOs in general. STO players socialize more?
* “Prime Directive” gameplay? Non-combat centric: Anthropology, First Contact, Diplomacy.

Craig Z on Subspace Radio:
* “
We really do believe in building the game with the community and in an organic fashion. “


No math this week!


* We will be paraphrasing, cuz gamers ain’t the gooderest of talker types.
* Council Feedback: I wanted to mention that nearly 100% of the emails we’ve received in response to the Council (and there were LOTS) have been positive and encouraging. Thank you.
* 90% of our feedback currently comes in one of a few forms:
Feature Requests, Guides/Tips, and Generic Encouragement (keep up the good work!)
Feature Requests: Keep them coming, just in case, but they won’t usually be read during an Episode. We will do what we can do pass them along to anyone at Cryptic that might listen to us, and specifically do so if asked.
tc_above brought this link to my attention:
* It is a comprehensive list, based on forum player polls (performed by a forum member) of major feature requests. Nice read, and looks like a decent place to get your voice heard re: Feature Requests.
Guides/Tips: Difficult to incorporate into the show, but might be helpful in choosing future content for MATH segments. Keep these concise and thorough, and try not to mix in Feature Requests, or they’ll just get muddled.
Generic Encouragement: Thanks!!!
* The remaining 10% are usually questions that we can attempt to answer. These are the types that will be shared during this segment, if we have a good answer.

In order to further facilitate a larger # of good-content audience submissions, we’ll be asking you a “Question of the Week” that you can answer via the usual contact info, and we’ll share your answers on the following show.


Skype interview w/ Craig Zinkievich

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