Chat with Heretic | STOked 117

Chat with Heretic | STOked 117

We chat with Geoff “Heretic” Tuffli, the creator of Star Trek Online’s Duty Officer System. Heretic shares insights into how the system works, future ideas, and a few surprises. Plus we get some hints about Fleet Starbases!

Mav covers the tips you need to know if your STO account is ever hacked, and what steps you can take to get the best response from support. Plus we dig into the Field Generator Console controversy!

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Triollogy of DOFF episodes.

  • STO relaunched in the EU – link
  • STO Calendar Updated for April – link
  • 1-7. Klingon Awareness Week (Community)
  • 5. New Klingon Mission
  • 5. First Contact Day
  • 5-9. First Contact Event
  • 13. Friday the 13th Event
  • 18. Foundry Challenge #2 Voting (Forums)
  • New Loot container graphics on Tribble – link


  • Leaked Romulan Ship – D’eridex Defender. Sneak peek at new content?  link
  • First Contact Day Celebration details – “Celebrate First Contact Day with the crew of the Enterprise-F at Utopia Planitia (2nd Pic) ! Pick up a replica of the Phoenix!”
  • Field Generator & Vent Theta Radiation consoles nerfed heavily – link (Comm Feed Tease)
  • IDIC Tribble – profession based buffs & a bonus to having a team containing at least one of each profession – link (Small Graphics Glitch Discovered)

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Community Feedback:

  • Account Security – My Hacking/Restoration Experience
  • Field Generator & Vent Theta Radiation consoles nerfed heavily?

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