Reporting for Duty | STOked 118

Reporting for Duty | STOked 118

We chat with Thomas “the Cryptic Cat” Marrone, then it’s part one of our comprehensive guide to the Duty Officer System. We’ll start you with the basics, and ramp it up to advanced!

Plus our review of the First Contact Day event and the new KDF mission Alpha!

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Show Notes:


  • Happy First Contact day to all STO players
  • Dan Stahl & Brandon hosted a Q&A in the RedAlert chat channel on First Contact Day
  • Utopia Planetia social zone introduced
  • Replica of the Phoenix Warp 1 craft made available as a space pet
  • New KDF mission released which is an homage to “Predator” in many ways


  • First Contact Day Q&A – Highlights:]
  • Gates Of Stovokor Interview with Daniel Stahl
  • They (KDF players) see the KDF as the Horde in WoW and wonder why it is doesn’t have its own zones with an entirely separate content track unto itself. The game was just not made to be that at launch. The only way we’ll ever get there is if we spin up an entirely separate team of content designers to go back and make a few years’ worth of content and release it as an expansion.
  • CBS believe that only around 20% of Star Trek fans would be interested in playing a Klingon character and Daniel Stahl has previously stated that 18% of STO players actively gaming with the KDF faction. That was believed to be too low a number to warrant a lot of development time on the faction due to a low return on investment. It is unlikely that the Romulans / Cardassians have a higher percentage of fandom and as such, does that mean that we will only get to see a third faction in STO if they add a separate development team with the goal of producing a paid expansion for a F2P title. Lord of the Rings Online is likely a good example of this sort of effort as they recently released a paid expansion called War In The North.
  • Link to the study Perpetual Entertainment Study
  • Would you be willing to pay for an expansion which would add KDF / Romulan / Cardassian faction content?

Interview with Thomas “The Cryptic Cat” Marrone

  • What does the Cryptic Cat do?
  • The original minigame concept graphics he created
  • The “patches” he has introduced to the game
  • Multiple areas of the UI that he has worked on
  • Trek design inspiration

Support the show: Grab the book that inspired Thomas!


Tactical View – First Contact Anniversary Mission

  • “First Contact Day” mission available from mission contact list
  • Transwarp directly from the active mission list or zone into Utopia Planetia from SOL
  • Interact with the Enterprise F crew while exploring a new social zone
  • Pick up a space pet replica of the Zefram Cochrane warp 1 ship – The Phoenix

Tactical View – “Alpha” KDF Mission

  • Chancellor J’mpok offers the mission from your contact list
  • Investigate a system which contains a MASSIVE gas giant
  • Explore the jungle looking for survivors while being hunted yourself

Duty Officer Guide Part 1

  • What is a Doff? Junior officers and crew on your starship.

  • When do we get Doffs? FED at lvl 8 and KDF at lvl 23

  • Doffs are essentially “trading cards” that you constantly swap for better ones

  • Doff Characteristics: Faction / Species / Quality / Rank / Department / Specialisation

  • Doff Traits: Each duty officer can have between 1 and 5 traits which each possibly affecting the outcome of any mission that Doff is assigned to e.g. Unruly send on a diplomacy mission

  • How many Doffs can you have? 100 default, 400 max using c-store purchases

  • 25 Duty Officer slots for 180 C-Store points (per character)

  • 100 Duty Officer slots for 580 C-Store points (per character)

  • Duty Officer assignments give item rewards and commendation XP

  • Commendation XP (CXP) has categories: Diplomacy (FED) / Marauding (KDF) / Science / Engineering / Military / Exploration / Espionage / Medical / Colonial / Trade / Development / Recruitment

  • Commendation XP allows you to achieve Commendation Ranks

  • Everyone starts off as Rank 0 in each CXP category

  • Rank 1 – 2.5K CXP

  • Rank 2 – 15K CXP

  • Rank 3 – 50K CXP

  • Rank 4 – 100K CXP

  • Rank 5 – not currently implemented but CXP can be gained up to 150K CXP currently.

  • Ranking up gives a character title, access to more missions in that specific category, a token to purchase a new duty officer for that rank (increases in quality as rank increases) and in special cases a new ability. Diplomacy / Marauding rank 4 allows each faction to enter the home sector of the other which provides access to Duty Officer missions in those sectors. Transwarps can also be gained from

  • How can you get additional Duty Officers? character ranks / recruitment missions / CXP ranking up / trade in missions / dilithium purchases / Doff assignment rewards / STF token vendor / c-store / EC exchange / FE – Facility 4028 /

  • Where can you find Doff Assignments? Sector tab / personal tab / social zones / inside your ship

  • Basics of the Duty Officer Assignment user interface

  • The button to activate the Doff interface is located under the mini-map

  • Overview tab
    + Assignments Summary gives you details on how many mission you are currently running
    + Duty Officer Summary show how many Doffs you have and where they are currently
    + Commendation Advancement is your master view of your CXP rank progress and rewards

  • Assignments tab includes red icons to indicate why you currently cannot take certain missions. This allows you an opportunity to correct those issues and pick up the assignment e.g. you need a duty officer not currently in your roster, you need some commodities
    + Current Sector
    + Personal
    + In Progress
    + Completed
    + Assignment Log
    + Assignment Chains

  • Duty Officers tab
    + Full details of every duty officer in your roster including bonuses for putting them on active assignment
    + Filter provided to allow you to focus on the specific Doffs you want to examine
    + Option provided to dismiss a Doff and be compensated in dilithium
    + Sections: Roster / Active Space / Active Ground / Sickbay / Brig / Passengers / Cargo Bay

  • Request Duty Officers tab
    + Purchase additional roster slots from the c-store
    + Purchase Doff packs from the c-store
    + Open any cadres you have and have them added to your roster
    + See your most recently added Doffs and filter through them as needed

  • Department Heads
    + Assign a first offcer and obtain missions for that Bridge Officer
    + Departments: Engineering / Operations / Science / Medical / Tactical / Security
    + These bridge officers will make suggestions on what Doffs to assign to missions which fall under their specialisations.
    + These suggestions are NOT always the best Doffs to assign and that will be covered in more detail during the advanced guide next week on STOked 119.

  • Basics of running a Duty Officer Assignment
    • Choose an assignment from a category that interests you
    • Read the assignment description to get an idea of the “story” involved
    • Take note of the “Time To Completion”
    • Examine the “Rewards” for this assignment
    • Use the “Chance of success” percentages and graph to gauge the expected outcome of the assignment based on the Doffs you choose to assign to it. This updates as you change Doffs.
    • The “Requires” section tells you how many Doffs are needed and the specific traits and specialisations that are required. The more of the good traits you have in your assigned Doffs, the higher you chances of success and possibly critical success will be. Failed missions sometimes result in Doff injuries and disasters result in dead white quality Doffs. Blue / Green / Purple doffs only take injuries from such failures. The only exception where higher than white quality DOffs “die” are when you assign them to “Execute For Incompetence” missions.
    • Some Doffs have an innate % boost to rewards provided e.g. 5 (green) / 10 (blue) / 20 (purple)
Next Week:
  • Assignment chains and the special rewards from them
  • Pro tips from Brooklyn Knight / Z3R0B4NG / Lucas Purcell
  • Entire Duty Officer guide for these segments published in the show notes
  • DoffJOBS Spreadsheet usage
  • DoffJOBS Tracker
  • DoffJOBS in game, global chat channel
Foundry Files:

Foundry Files will have it’s own release soon, stay tunned to STOked for further announcements!

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