A Heart Of Credits | TORked 4

A Heart Of Credits | TORked 4

We weigh in on the strengths and weakness of the Bounty Hunter and Smuggler Class, how they fit into the MMO Trinity, and how we play them.

Plus we live play and review the Rakghoul Plague Outbreak, reflect on the 1.2 patch, 1.2.a’s outage, and gaze at the forum rage!

All that and much more, on this week’s TORked!

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Show Notes:

Bounty Hunter Class

  • Fitting into the MMO Trinity
  • Tank Powertech Shield Tech Tree
  • Healer Mercenary Bodyguard Tree
  • DPS Powertech Advanced Prototype, Mercenary Arsenal
  • Advanced Class Variants
  • Powertech
    • Tank Shield Tech Tree
    • DPS Advanced Prototype Tree
  • Mercenary
    • Healer Bodyguard Tree
    • DPS Arsenal Tree
  • Hybrid
    • Mercenary Combining Bodyguard and Arsenal Tree
  • Complimentary Companions
  • Mako
    • Healer (Male Romance Option)
  • Gault
    • Range DPS
  • Torian Cadera
    • Melee DPS (Female Romance Option)
  • Blizz
    • Range Tank (He’s a Jawa with a missile launcher 100% bad ass) Utinni!
  • Skadge
    • Melee Tank
  • Storyline Overview
  • You start off as a new hotshot arriving on Hutta looking to score an invite into The Great Hunt
  • Your Character begins seeking out bounties, working for a Hutt, and the galaxy gets a whole lot bigger
  • Equipment / Stats Overview
  • Aim
    • Aim is the priority for DPS & Heal
  • Endurance
    • Endurance should be the emphasis for Tanks
  • Iconic Moves
  • Flamethrower
  • Jetpack
  • Missiles

Smuggler Class

  • Fitting into the MMO Trinity
  • Healer Sawbones Scoundrel
  • DPS Gunslinger AC and Scoundrel Scrapper Tree
  • Advanced Class Variants
  • Scoundrel
    • Healer – Sawbones Tree
    • DPS – Scrapper Tree
  • Gunslinger
    • Gun related DPS Sharpshooter Tree
    • Gadgetry related DPS Saboteur Tree
  • Hybrid
    • Scoundrel combining Scrapper and Sawbones Tree’s
  • Complimentary Companions
  • Corso Riggs
    • Range Tank (Female Romance Option)
  • Bowdaar
    • Melee Tank (Wookie)
  • Risha Range DPS
    • (Male Romance Option)
  • Akaavi Spar
    • Melee DPS (Male Romance Option)
  • Guss Tuno
    • Healer (Mon Calamari) IT’S A TRAP
  • Storyline Overview
  • Your Character is an independent Ship Captain running supplies to Ord Mantell,
  • Your Character is betrayed while dropping supplies on Ord Mantell, and life gets exciting
  • Equipment / Stats Overview
  • For Smugglers regardless of class will want to focus on Cunning!
  • Iconic Moves
  • Kick to the crotch
  • Shoot First
  • Sucker Punch

Live Event : Rakghoul Plague Outbreak

  • Rakghoul Plague News Alert
  • Loudspeaker announcement warning citizens to stay away from plague outbreak areas
  • Interacting with the hovering news droids in front of every elevator will show you a cut scene of reporters
  • New quest line : ‘Tracking the Origin’
  • Get buffs from the Emergency Notice board, Infected Escape Pod and the Medical Supplies
    • Anchorhead [Republic] / Mos Ila [Empire]
  • Ends with a Crimson Rakling reward
  • New [Area] Daily Quest Chains
  • Wreck of the Stardream: around a downed starship in the NE of Dune Sea
  • Blood Sample: perform some tests on a sample you found in ‘Wreck of the Stardream’ with a Dark / Light side choice that leads into the third
  • Outbreak: near Sand Peoples, territory
  • Passenger List : starts near the wreck of the Stardream
  • ’Bonus Quest
  • The Plaguebearer bonus quest to infect 10 enemy players with the rakghoul plague
  • When you become infected you become Lightheaded for ~5min, then Feverish for ~5–10 min before you explode and infect everyone around you
  • Three New World Bosses
  • You gain codex entries for each and for defeating all three
  • Zama Brak [Level 30 champion] Giant Rakghoul, near the Sarlacc pit North of Outpost Thorazen
  • Urtagh [Level 50 champion] Giant Bantha, near the Outlaw Den PvP area, East of Outpost Zarosh. (you will be flagged for PvP
  • Trapjaw [Level 50 champion] Giant Wraid, SW of Outpost Thorazen
  • Rakghoul DNA Samples Vendor
  • Rakghoul Vaccine : 2,000 credits
  • Advanced Black-Green ___ Crystal
    • Centurian [75 DNA Samples]
    • Eviscerating [83 DNA Samples]
    • Hawkeye [83 DNA Samples]
    • Indestructable [83 DNA Samples]
    • Resistance [75 DNA Samples]
    • Savage [75 DNA Samples]
    • Vehemence [75 DNA Samples]
    • War Hero [83 DNA Samples]
  • Infected Companion Lockbox [20 DNA Samples]
    • Random companion’s custom ‘infected’ appearance, Bound to Legacy
  • Pale Rakling [60 DNA Samples]
  • Misc
  • 9 Codex Entries
  • No official length yet
  • MMO-Mechanics – Guide
  • Set of light armor social gear, appears like the containment gear worn by the NPC’s

Update 1.2 “Legacy” Is Now LIVE!

Outage After 1.2.a Patch

  • After the patch Guild banks, Corellia dailies, and Legacy vendors disappeared.
  • ”During last night’s maintenance, some areas of the game were reverted to pre-Game Update 1.2 status. Some areas were ‘missing’ and characters that were in those areas would be unavailable. We took the live servers offline at approx 9:30AM CDT (Austin time).”
  • ”Our server and deployment teams are now working to rebuild assets for the live servers, but this is unfortunately not a quick process. We currently estimate that our downtime could be up to eight hours, but that time may be extended.”
  • ”We are expecting the servers to be available again at 6:00PM CDT (April 14th, 12:00AM BST, 1:00AM CEST, 9:00AM AEST). We’ll update you with information in this thread when we have it.”
  • ”We sincerely apologize for the unexpected downtime today. We’ll update you with more details later.”

Ranked Warzones Pulled From Update 1.2

A Special Gift From Bioware – 30 Days Free Game Time!

  • “Hello everyone! At BioWare we’re always listening to our fans and we’ve heard our community’s comments around players with Level 50 characters being the only group awarded 30 days of play time. We appreciate the feedback and are pleased to announce that we are expanding our Legacy Promotion, also awarding 30 days of play time at no charge to players that have reached Legacy Level 6 (who may not have a 50th level character).”
  • 30 days of play time
  • Players now have until April 22 noon CDT [5:00 GMT] to gain Legacy Level 6 to earn 30 days of play time
  • The earned time will be applied to your account on April 25th
  • UPDATE:Legacy Promotion now expanded
  • Celebrate Game Update 1.2: Legacy
  • Welcome back former subscribers
  • Plus all former SWTOR subscribers get one week of free play from April 13th – 19th.

Georg Zoeller lays down the law on gear in 1.2

  • “There have been quite a few threads where you have voiced confusion regarding the end game itemization in 1.2 and I want to take the opportunity to clarify what you are going to see in the game when Game Update 1.2 goes live on Thursday.”
  • Community created image that is a visual summary of the gear situation
  • PvE : Tionese / Columi / Rakata Gear
  • These sets are not changing stats, and are acquired in the same way as they were before 1.2, except for the following changes
    • Drop rate for Tionese commendations has been increased from all the existing sources
    • Columi can also now be acquired, from the new Lost Island Flashpoint (Hard Mode) and their distribution rate has been slightly increased, mostly through weekly quests.
    • Rakata can also now be acquired, from the final Boss of the new Lost Island Flashpoint (Hard Mode) and the story mode of Operation: Explosive Conflict on Denova.
  • “Campaign” and “Black Hole” Gear
  • Campaign gear is the new tier of PvE set items rolling out with the Explosive Conflict Operation
  • All Campaign gear can also be reverse engineered for a chance to learn the associated schematic.
  • Campaign gear uses a different stat distribution from previous sets with greater variety of available stats and better base stats.
  • Campaign gear carries it’s set bonus on the armoring of every piece.
  • all armoring found in endgame gear now ‘binds to slot’ upon extraction
  • Black Hole Gear is similar to Campaign gear, but lacks the set bonus
  • Black Hole gear, unlike Campaign items, is acquired from trading in Black Hole Commendations found through weekly quests in the new Corellia area as well as the weekly quest
  • Two new color crystal variations may be found as part of the random drops in the new Operation: Black Core Purple and Black Core Orange
  • PvP
  • Centurion and Champion
    • No changes however but will no longer be available for purchase. Existing gear on characters of course stays in the game
  • Recruit Gear
    • Recruit gear is the new, blue entry level PvP gear available from the new PvP Recruit vendor on the fleet.
    • acquired directly through credits without any Valor requirement
  • Battlemaster Gear
    • no longer requires a 60 Valor rating and is acquired straight through Warzone commendations at the Battlemaster PvP vendor on the fleet.
  • War Hero Gear
    • new tier of PvP items introduced with patch 1.2. It is acquired through trade in of ‘ranked warzone commendations’ and the corresponding Battlemaster Shell
    • War Hero items carry their set bonus on the armoring and all mods, including the armoring which may be extracted and moved into any custom (orange) shell in the game
    • additional upgrade option exists for players who wish to benefit from an additional augment slot but retain their Battlemaster or War Hero appearance

Next Episode Teaser

  • Episode 5, The New Corellia Dailies (Part of 1.2 patch) Feature

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