Corellia Dailies | TORked 5

Corellia Dailies | TORked 5

The new Corellia dailies are here, and can get you some great gear we’ve got all the details, we wrap up the Rakgoul plague, and do bring you up to date on all the week’s news!

All that and much more, on this week’s TORked!

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  • Patch 1.2 brought some end game content with it in the form of daily missions on Corellia which give you access to some of the most advanced gear in the game. We’ll be taking a long hard look into those missions and the rewards for them.
  • The Rakghoul plague is still ravaging the outer rim worlds, have you joined the containment effort and been rewarded for your assistance? We’ll be checking on the status of the clean up operation.
  • And we’ll do a Kessel Run around all the other news in the SWTOR galaxy. come join us!

Corellian Dailies New in Patch 1.2

  • Corellia Rising (Republic)

  • Wrapper at News Holo Terminal & Agent Carhart SIS / Contact is Sal Dakron

  • The Fall of Corellia (Imperial)

  • Wrapper NPC is Sergeant Karloss / Contact in General Konya

  • Summary

  • Both Imperial and Republic sets have 4 daily missions, 1 area mission and 1 Heroic 4 Mission, all of which yield Daily Commendations.

  • There is also a Weekly that completes once all 6 missions are complete which gives the Black Hole Commendations.

  • Imperial Heroic has a a puzzle (rearranging pipes) after the last boss fight.

  • Black Hole Gear Can be purchased with the Black Hole Commendations

  • Black Hole gear has the highest level stats, and mods are level 61(gives Rakata Raid gear a run for its money)

  • It will take a substantial amount of time to get a full set of Black Hole Gear

Some info on the Corellia Dalies:

Rakghoul Plague Outbreak Will Be Contained Soon

Green rakghoul color crystal vs the Green Razor color crystal

Character Transfers To Asian and Australian Servers Now Available

  • On February 28th, Bioware launched their Asian-Pacific servers.
  • Now players will have the option to transfer their characters, for free, to a locally-hosted server
  • To Qualify
  • players in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore
  • purchased the game
  • redeem a Game Product Registration Code
  • have or have had entered valid billing information or a Pre-Paid Game Time Card
  • Only characters created before Tuesday, February 28, 2012 will qualify for transfers
  • Once you Qualify
  • If you qualify, you can request character transfers to an Asia Pacific server by filling out and submitting the information on the Asia Pacific Transfers page
  • Once your character has been transferred to your new Asia Pacific server, an email will be sent to the address tied to your Star Wars: The Old Republic account informing you that your request has been processed
  • Character transfers will begin processing on April 24, 2012
  • Asia Pacific Launch FAQ

New Website Design

  • “We’ve completely rebuilt the website from the ground-up, with the intention of providing you with the latest game updates in an easy to navigate way.” Courtney Woods Assistant Community Production Coordinator

Social X Items Temporarily Removed From The Game

  • Hi everyone, we had recently discovered an issue that allowed these items to be used in ways detrimental to other player’s gameplay and have taken the temporary step of removing them from availability. We are in process of determining further steps and will likely alter their functionality before putting them back in or replace them with a different but still cool reward. In the meantime, their value has been changed so that they can be sold back to the vendor at no loss. We apologize for any confusion." David White | Systems Designer
  • Basics
  • Party Instigator, and Party bomb
  • Other rewards are in the works or they will come back after alteration
  • Cost 100k credits that can now be fully refunded from a vendor
  • *Supposed response to a bug ticket *
  • “We apologized if the Party Bomb and Party Instigator was removed, since 1.2 patch had just recently started. Our Developers might have something on their sleeves in the future that will make the Social level be useful again and bring back the fun in the game. ”

Next Episode Teaser

  • Join us next week for “Spectre of the Gun” where we delve into the Imperial Agent and Republic Trooper classes and watch the carnage they can cause!

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