Life Pro Tips | FauxShow 87

Life Pro Tips | FauxShow 87

Angela and Chris share topics that help you through life like a pro. Plus a few things you probably never knew, and some announcements!

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  1. LPT: Making large hamburgers? Poke a dent in the middle to keep them from getting too thick when they cook
  2. LPT: How to prevent mold from growing on berries.
  3. Tips the Hiring Manager Won\’t Tell You [xpost jobs]
  4. LPT: Paste your tracking numbers directly into Google to both identify the carrier and locate the tracking page
  5. LPT: Nail polish remover easily and quickly removes advertising on free sunglasses.
  6. Dip onion in water for a while before slicing. No more crying
  7. LPT: Stop bleeding with antiperspirant.

Did you know?

  1. That falling sensation followed by a sudden jolt when trying to sleep is called a hypnic jerk.
  2. Some African tribes use fire ant bites to hold wounds shut like stitches of sutures.
  3. The Approval rating of US congress is 20% lower than the amount of Americans who \”approve\” of Porn.
  4. there is a practice called rumpology where someone reads your butt like they would a palm, and it goes back to ancient times.
  5. in 1988 there used to be a Nintendo breakfast cereal! – [0:24]

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Robert Lay
You may have already received complaints about the RSS video feed not working on Android devices, or at least on the Galaxy Nexus, which I have. The feeds stopped downloading probably about a month ago or so. I *am* able to continue to download and watch video podcasts from other groups like TWIT, etc. It\’s just your feeds and I have tried both the Large and the Mobile – Large is what I was using that used to work just fine. I even purchased and downloaded another podcast player on my Nexus, just to learn that it\’s the same thing there too. The primary app that has been working for me is \”BeyondPod\” and I just tried \”DoggCatcher.\” I hope you can either get this resolved or get back with me so that we can troubleshoot this because both TechSnap and LAS are my favorite shows to keep up with and I only do so on my phone while I get ready in the mornings – and sometimes when I do my long distance aerobic runs on elipt ical, etc. at the gym. Again, the issue I\’m having is only with your feeds and they stopped working about a month ago or so. Thanks!
DoggCatcher Workaround
BeyondPond workaround

Cole Simmons
Just wanted to tell you guys how great of a job you are doing. I have always liked technology, but never really thought about it as a career field for me to go into. I was working as a chef at a local casino and caught an episode of STOked and thought you guys were awesome. You guys do such a great job that I am now a regular LAS and Techsnap viewer. Not only that but I enjoy you guys so much and you seem to really enjoy working with tech that I thought that I should do it myself. So 10 years after high school I have gone back to college for Network Admin/Programming and changed my career field and work for a local IT company. Keep up the great work!!!!

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