Cinnamon Desktop Review | LAS | s21e08

Cinnamon Desktop Review | LAS | s21e08

Cinnamon Desktop has swooped in to save us from these new-fangled fancy-schmancy desktops, but are we wearing Kryptonite underwear? Tune in to find out!

PLUS: Why is Microsoft modifying the Skype network to run Linux?

Then – Syncing your iPod with Linux has never been easier, and so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Matt’s Howto:

Despite valiant attempts in making the iPhone music compatible with distros such as Ubuntu (or Linux distros in general), libimobiledevice has met with limited success in music syncing. Worse yet, Ubuntu One music sync isn’t quite stable enough to use on a regular basis yet. Therefore during the segment I made two very different recommendations – either buy an Android phone (best). Of if you’re in a contract like I am, consider buying a great MP3 player such as one from iRiver or Sandisk. If however, you want an MP3 player that is in fact, using Apple tech. Then I’d suggest you head over to eBay and look for this query: “ipod a1199”. Buy it at auction, you can get this for a great price.

So how does one make this work? If you remember from the segment, I recommend using Gparted to make sure the iPod is completely wiped. But follow these directions to make sure you don’t delete something needed, like a hidden partition.

1) Plugin the iPod to your computer, close any software or dialogs that appear.
2) Assuming you have gparted already installed, run the program.
3) Don’t worry about deleting your active partitions, as they will be locked. But if you run a dual-boot PC, be mindful before deleting anything.
4) Look to the upper right, select the /dev/ pull down menu. You will be selecting the dev device with the least amount of space. In my case, it was 1.89 GiB.
5) You will see either two or three partitions available, one of them is FAT32. Ignoring the others, select the FAT32 partition.
6) With the FAT32 partition right clicked and selected, choose unmount. This frees up the partition for changes.
7) Right click the partition again, and select format to> FAT32.
8) Click the apply button - aka the green checkmark at the top of the menu. Then click apply.
9) Disconnect the iPod, then allow the iPod to reboot itself. When completed, it will appear with a dialog asking you to choose your default language.
10) Now plug the iPod back into the PC.
11) Choose to open the iPod with Banshee.
12) On the bottom left, you will see the device has appeared. As per the segment, you can right click it and give it a better name if you like.
13) Left clicking on the device, the main screen dialog presents you with the option of setting up how the sync preferences work. 
I recommend keeping things set to manual. This simply means the checkbox for Sync when first plugged in, remains unchecked.
14) Select the music sync preference, then choose one of the following:

Sync from entire library – if you want all songs synced. This most likely, will not include existing playlists.


Sync from “some playlist name” – this will include only the music from the selected playlist.

With the option selected, look to the upper right, then click on Sync. During this process, don’t disconnect.

Problem solving:

“Wow Matt, that was awesome! I just hosed my iPod and it’s not disconnecting! It’s frozen at 23%. ”


Don’t worry, just unplug it and use Gparted to reset the iPod as described above. No harm no foul.

Remember, I recommend using a Linux friendly device like an Android phone or even better, one of the Sandisk/iRiver devices above. They offer less frustration with Apple specific databases. But using an older iPod nano like this is a cheaper alternative.

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