Guardians of Peace | TORked 7

Guardians of Peace | TORked 7

Coming up on this episode of TORked, we visit the guardians of peace and justice in the old republic, The Jedi Knight, and the Jedi Consular.

For our Math segment, Nikki lays out her 12 step preparation guide to Hardmode Flashpoints and Operations.

We Cover the news and a new Q&A, on TORked!

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Show Notes:

Jedi Consular

  • Storyline Overview
  • Arrives on Tython as a Padawan very powerful in the force, guided by the force to aid the Jedi order
  • Fitting into the MMO Trinity
  • Tank (Shadow properly spec’d)
  • Healer (Sage, Seer spec)
  • DPS Either Advanced Class spec’d appropriately
  • Advanced Class Variants
  • Shadow
  • Tank / Damage
  • Sage
  • Healer / Damage Over Time Tree / Burst Damage
  • Hybrid
  • Sage [Healer / Damage Over Time / Burst]
    • With points in healing and damage trees
  • Shadow [Healer / Damage Over Time / Burst]
    • With points in tank and damage trees
    • With points in range and melee damage trees
  • Complimentary Companions
  • Qyzen Fess – Melee Tank (Transdoshan)
  • Aim – Acquired on Tython
  • Tharan Cedrax – Medic (Female Romance Option)
  • Cunning – Acquired on Nar Shada
    • Holiday, the hologram that does CC
  • Zenith – Ranged DPS
    • Cunning – Acquired on Balmora
  • Lieutenant Iresso– Ranged Tank (romance option female)
  • Aim – Acquired on Hoth
  • Nadia Grell – Melee DPS
  • Willpower – Acquired on Balsavis
  • Equipment / Stats Overview
  • Light Armor
  • Willpower
  • Endurance
  • Improving Health and should be the focus of Tank spec’d Assassin’s
  • Appropriately spec’d lightsaber/double-bladed saber
    +Focus in offhand/Shield for Tank spec’d Assassin
  • Iconic Moves
  • Throwing large objects
  • Sage
  • Force Quake
  • Telekinetics
  • Shadow
  • Stealth
  • Double-bladed Saber Action

Jedi Knight

  • Storyline Overview
  • Promising young Padawan, growing into a respected Jedi Knight and Master
  • Vanguard of the Jedi forces, going up against the greatest evil the galaxy has ever known
  • Fitting into the MMO Trinity
  • Fitting into the MMO Trinity
    • Tank (Guardian Defense spec’d)
    • DPS Either Advanced Class spec’d appropriately
  • Advanced Class Variants
  • Guardian
    • Tank or Damage
  • Sentinel
    • Damage Over Time(Watchman) or Burst Damage(Combat)
  • Hybrid
    • Guardian : spec’d with points in both the tanking tree and the damage tree(s) (mixing lightsaber forms) Soresu, Shien, Shii-Cho
    • Sentinel spec’d with points in the DoT tree and Burst DPS tree (mixing lightsaber forms) Juyo, Ataru, Shii-Cho
  • Complimentary Companions
  • T7–01 – Ranged Tank
  • Aim – acquired on Tython (R2-D2 homage)
  • Master Zallow’s droid, appeared in first cinematic of TOR (a little past the halfway point) and book Deceived
  • Kira Carsen – Melee DPS (romance option male)
  • Willpower – acquired on Coruscant
  • Sergeant Rusk – Range DPS
  • Aim – Finishing Hoth
  • Doc– Healer (romance option female)
  • Willpower – acquired at the end of Act 1
  • Lord Scourge – Melee Tank
  • Strength – acquired upon finishing Act 2
    • Appeared in the book Revan
  • Equipment / Stats Overview
  • Strength
  • Primary Attribute for improving damage to all melee attacks and powers
  • Endurance
  • Improving Health and should be the focus of Tank spec’d Guardians
  • Iconic Moves
  • Lightsaber
  • Saber Throw
  • Guardian
  • Force Push
  • Soresu (Defensive Form) used by Obi-Wan Kenobi in the fight with General Grievous
  • Marauder
  • Dual Wielding lightsabers
  • Juyo and Ataru Lightsaber forms, Juyo used by Darth Maul and Ataru used by Obi-Wan Kenobi during their battle on Naboo

Math Segment Hard-Mode Flashpoint & Operation Preparation Guide

There are 12 Steps to begin doing hard modes and Operations:
1: Finish your story line and the Corellia story, they are great stories, don’t cheat yourself out of content!
2: Get to level 50, you need to be 50 to access Dailies, HM and Operations.
3: Check your numbers, before you begin HM’s Ops, you want rougly 1200 main stat (Endurance is main stat for tanks) if you are not 1200 main stat by the time you finish your class quests & Corellia, proceed to step 4. Otherwise you can jump to step 6.
4: Do some Dailies, Daily Commendations will get you Purple Quality;Relics that are Amazing, Ear Pieces, Implants, Barrels for Blasters or Lightsaber Hilts, Super Fancy Speeders
5: Trick your gear out, buy everything you can from Daily Commendation vendors, Craft purple items, Armoring, Mods, Enhancements, or you can get #22 Item mods from the Daily Commendation Heroic missions on Belsavis(Armor & Mod) and Ilum(Enhance)
6: Holocron Hunting: Finding the holocrons is a great way to boost your main stat & Endurance and definitely worth doing even if you are above 1200 main stat.
7: Matrix Cubes: build a lvl 50 matrix cube(3 matrix shards of the same colour) if you haven’t already, this is an absolute must have, considering the stats improvements it gives you even if you are already over 1200.
8: Know your character, you want to be a well oiled machine, and know what to do when the pressure is on, consider playing the endgame flashpoints on story mode or daily commendation heroics and practice with your character & with a team.
9: Learn Patience, HM’s and Ops are difficult even in story mode, you don’t want to be smashing your keyboard or monitor just because you died.
10: Learn Need/Greed Etiquette, You click need ONLY when it is something your character can use or craft with, you should greed when it is an item for a companion or something you will turn to cash. It is also good respect to tell your team that you want to need something before you do it!
11: Join a Guild, this will make finding HM and Ops groups much easier, and you can usually trust people more in a guild setting than a PUG setting.
12: Have Fun!

James Ohlen asks for feedback on “what planet you’d like to see”

  • ”What planet in the Star Wars universe do you want to see in Star Wars: The Old Republic that is not currently in the game?" Source
  • You can name any planet you like, but remember, planets in The Old Republic can be fully explorable (like Coruscant, Tatooine, Hoth etc) and/or destinations that are seen as part of a Flashpoint or Operation (like Taral V, Denova, Kaon, etc)

SWTOR Subscriber Base Shrinks

  • Electronic Arts reported a drop in Star Wars: The Old Republic’s subscriber base, down to 1.3 million from the 1.7 million figure given in February 2012. Source

Live Community Coordinator : Feedback on UI Customization features

  • ”We are already working on a few areas based on your feedback, such as additional hotbars and more customizable buff bars. While we do not have an estimate for when these features will be implemented, we are hoping that more great ideas will come from you!” Source

Stephen Reid tweets : “super sekrit space stuff” is coming

Stephen Reid tweets that tweaks are coming to the GTN

Nexon Buyout EA Rumors Smashed

  • Nexon was simply interested in bringing FIFA Online to the Asian Market. Source

Community Q/A 5/4/12

  • Planned Hutt takeover of all GTN will make them all neutral
  • Down leveling with unique twists coming
  • Existing social gear will adapt to gear weight too
  • Crystals in speeders for underbody glow / body trim, on the list

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