Talking Trek | STOked 123

Talking Trek | STOked 123

We roll out the new Talk Trek segment and look at some of the definitive Romulan episodes from Star Trek.

Plus: Chris’ new thoughts on the big PvP changes Gozer has started to share, and an all new Foundry Files!

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Needs of the Few

  • Overall, a great story that feels like something you would see in a Star Trek episode, some great new maps that add to this mission’s environment, making it feel different. The only thing that could use improvement is gameplay, and to keep this a diplomatic mission, the only real thing the author could add is a puzzle, and less repeating of talking to tons of NPC’s. If you are mainly looking for story in your mission experience, this is a great one to check out.

New Segment: Talk Trek

Balance of Terror

  • 5:00 A lot of interesting setup. Showing the territory map, Spock giving the 411 and the shots of the crew listening in.
  • 14:00 Kirk takes input, even hostile input at that, and adjust his orders.
The Defector
  • Starts has a holodeck playtime between data and picard.
  • Powerful first on screen moment for the Romulan escape, I remember it feeling like a big deal back in the day.
  • One of my favorite ship flybys at 8:47 goes great with the “captain’s log”.
  • Asking data to keep a record of events is really clever.
  • At the 20 minute mark, the return back to the opening scene. A nice touch.
  • At the 22 minute mark, it’s a great Data learning to be human chat. Season 3 was great at this.
  • One worlds butcher, is another worlds hero. So true.
  • At the 38:40 One of the great, get us outta here moments, and the Romulans uncloak.
  • 42:26 Klinks decloak and screw the Romulans plan up. Loves it.
    James Sloyan – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki
Face of the Enemy
  • The Tal Shiar appears to be quite the buracratic badass.
  • The most time we have ever spent on a Romulan ship?
  • As noted in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, this episode marked the debut of Worf’s ponytail. He would retain this look for the rest of the series, throughout his tenure on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and all four Next Generation films. Hairstylist Joy Zapata and Michael Dorn had both lobbied for the change for some time. Zapata explained, “[Worf’s hair] used to remind me of a Klingon that had gone to the beauty salon; it looked like Donna Reed!”.

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