Great Sites | FauxShow 90

Great Sites | FauxShow 90

Angela and Chris cover some very handy sites, ways to get cheap tasks done, easy music, and roll some great videos. Plus a quick Minecraft update at the top of the show, and a brief Paleo Update!

Some new details about our new show Unfilter, and the Jupiter Mail Sack! We reach into our sack, and answer some new questions!

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Adam writes:

How much does it cost you guys to stream a show to one user (video)?
I\’m wanting to sign up for a monthly subscription (one-time donation seems silly if I\’m watching regularly).
I typically watch the new LAS and Tech Snap only. But some days I just want to geek out and background a series while I game or work on a box. After a while I realized this was free to me, but costing the (great) content providers.
So if you could give me an estimate of how much streaming a show (video [via the xbmc plugin]) costs, I\’ll sign up for a monthly donation. Feel free to roll in paying people, utilities etc. I want you guys to profit from my patronage, not simply break even.
Might want to bring this up on a show, despite it sounding like a commercial :/ but I cant be the only one wondering, right?
$5/mo is easier than $60/yr, if that makes sense.

Daniel writes:

I would like to ask you about avalible files to download yours show?
Can You add a 3gp video version of LAS, cause I have old phone and It doesnt play your mobile video format.

Eariler I was downloading normal version and then Using mobile media converter I was converting it to 3 gp. But that app is only for 32 bits system and now I have 64 bits and this soultion dosnt work anymore.
And the audio format only is not enought for me, I would like have a video to on my samsung avila 😀
please consider my request.

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