Perfect World Disappoints | STOked 124

Perfect World Disappoints | STOked 124

Recent events have us concerned with what appears to be Perfect World’s lack of respect for the Star Trek IP, plus why we fear changes are taking place at Cryptic that will hurt the community.

Plus: We lighten things up with a great Foundry mission, and in Talk Trek we share some of our favorite Jem’Hadar episodes in Star Trek.

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Temple of Pah-Wraiths

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New Segment: Talk Trek

Hippocratic Oath
– Early worf episode
– 4:30 the shuttle is hit with an energy surge and down they go
– 38:00 mark O’brian: “Your coming with me” and shoots Julians equipment

Call to Arms 5×26
– There is an awesome Sisko moment 19:00 he explained that his entire chat with Weyoun was just establish a false sense of security.
– don’t ever ever ever run program Sisko 197

Sacrifice of Angels 6×06
– The visuals are really kicked up this episode. New CGI use for the battles, requires splitting the CGI work out between two production houses.

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