Top 3 Co-Ops | LOTSO 009

Top 3 Co-Ops | LOTSO 009

Chris, Justin, and Alan give you their top 3 co-op games, and go head to head on which deserves to be the champion!

PLUS We cover the possible Xbox Live update that might bring streaming Hulu video, a crazy full body arm motion controller, and Sega kicks everyone in the nuts by jumping on-board with EA’s new online key requirement schemeā€¦ We discuss!

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This week’s show notes:

Hulu Coming to XBox?
Sega Agrees that Taking Our Money is Good
Dying Newspapers Need Money … So the Federal Trade Commission Pulls a Classic Dick Move.
While EA, Ubisoft and Sega Feel Like They Need to Take Our Lunch Money, Rockstar Comes Correct!


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