Summer of Google | CR 04

Summer of Google | CR 04

Michael and Chris cover the Android and Android related items from Google IO.

Plus: we update you on the Jupiter Broadcasting app’s progress, and share a handy developer tool!

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Show Notes:


  • James asks “why so many IDE’s have terminals built in and is important to know the command line?”
  • Paul wants to know about bad habits in software development
  • A listeners reccomends
  • Java speed clarifications (it’s all relative folks)

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Nexus Tablet!!!!

  • A world of pain for the Kindle Fire?
  • A good secondary dev target alongside the Kindle Fire and Nook?
  • Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR CORES! … that’s good right?

Jelly Beans Are Tasty

  • 4.1 != 5.0
  • Free butter for all!
  • Voice typing
  • New API’s for accessibility
  • Rich notifications

Google Play Improvements

  • App encryption — just what the doctor ordered or too little too late?

Nexus Q: the All-Seeing Eye

  • Really? More than another black box?
  • We discuss whether you should code for the Q or leave it in the queue

”Will the Hacking Begin?” Google’s PDK

  • Any effect on manufacturers?


  • We finally get a write API… sorta
  • Is History worth it?

Grab the Jupiter Signal

App Progress Update

  • Currently 18 forks and 62 watchers!
  • Already have had pull requests!
  • We are hammering out standards.
  • We want you!

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