Sabayon 9 Review | LAS | s22e08

Sabayon 9 Review | LAS | s22e08

We take a look at Sabayon 9, is this distro a real challenge to Arch Linux? Or just a re-skinned distro spin. Tune in to find out!

Plus: More steam on Linux rumors, we put on our Kickstarter hater pants!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Sabayon 9 Review:

More and more of the folks we consider trend setters in our audience have begun singing the praises of Sabayon

  • The installer has a lot of powerful options, though the UI is not awesome.
  • The install process seems fairly easy, you’d never realize this was Gentoo.
General use:
  • Login screen is sliiiick
  • Update manager is really cool, showing the icon, name, and description of each package being updated.
  • Rigo Application Browser is simple, but exposes solid nerd features.
    • Rigo shows helpful warnings from the repo
  • Entropy is the package manager.
  • equo is the command line package manager that uses binaries. You can also use emerge, but keep them in sync.
  • Picking great default apps is BACK!
    • Chrome
    • Clementine
    • VLC for Media Playback
    • Great KDE Menu organization
    • God Dammit I love the terminal defaults
  • ZFS on Gentoo/Sabayon

Matt’s Howto:

Presented by: System76

1) Install Teeworlds. This is easy to do, just install it from the software center or via apt-get.

2) Use Audacity to take an existing MP3 and convert it into a wav file, via the ‘export to’ option. You will name the new wav file music_menu.wav as this is the file we’ll be working with.

3) Next, open up a terminal window and paste in the following:
sudo apt-get install wavpack

4) Assuming your wav file is saved to your Desktop, use the following comanand to convert the wav file into a wv file, so it works with the game.

cd Desktop

(In a single line in the terminal, space between -o and /home)
wavpack /home/$USER/Desktop/music_menu.wav -o /home/$USER/Desktop/music_menu.wv

5) With the new wv file created, you can now move the file into the appropriate directory.

sudo mv music_menu.wv /usr/share/games/teeworlds/data/audio/music_menu.wv

6) After closing the terminal, start the Teeworlds game and the music you hear, should be the same as the mp3 you converted into a wav, and then into a wv file.

Heads up — I’ve read you can export to wv from Audacity, however I’ve had no luck with it personally — so try this approach instead.


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