Real Flying Cars, The Kin is Dead, Queen Tut? | J@N BETA5

Real Flying Cars, The Kin is Dead, Queen Tut? | J@N BETA5

Good news everyone! The future is here! A real flying car just got the OK from the FAA and we expect it to really take off! In the news today: Microsoft’s killing the Kin line, and we don’t hold back on how Microsoft’s internal politics are really at fault. Plus we kick around “Hulu Pro” and if it could really replace cable TV. Then we get to the bottom of what is going on with King Tut’s missing penis, and brace your selves… We have theories you’re going to love!

“While the news today that Microsoft has killed its troubled Kin line didn’t come as the craziest of surprises, it’s definitely left a lot of lingering questions about just what happened. Now we may have a little insight into what went wrong — and what might be in store down the road — thanks to a reliable source of ours who’s shared some news on Redmond’s inner turmoil.”

Flying Car gets the OK from US FAA

“The Transition was designed as a “light sport” aircraft, the smallest kind of private aeroplane under FAA classification, with a maximum weight of 1,320lb. But the manufacturers found it impossible to fit the safety features – airbags, crumple zones and roll cage, for instance – that are required for road vehicles into that weight.

Uniquely, however, the FAA has granted the Transition an exemption – allowing it to be classified as a light sport aircraft despite being 120lb over the limit.”
“While trying to determine the cause of Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun’s death, one researcher found that not all of the boy king’s parts were present and accounted for.

There are many theories as to what killed Tutankhamun: malaria, inherited bone disorder, sickle-cell anemia. Another suggests that he suffered from a genetic hormonal disorder that causes elongated skulls, an over-production of estrogen and, in males, can also cause breasts and under-developed genitalia.”

Hulu Plus

“We’ve just received word that the premium Hulu service we’ve heard chatter about for a while now has just become official. Dubbed Hulu Plus, the $10 / month service will feature entire seasons of shows that are available in limited quantities on the free service, as well as other programming not available via Hulu on the web. There will be iPod and iPad apps available (streaming with WiFi or 3G), along with support for Samsung connected TVs and Blu-ray. “

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