Redhook ESB Review | Beer is Tasty

Redhook ESB Review | Beer is Tasty

We try a classic right from our own neck of the woods, Redhook’s ESB. Find out the history of the ESB name, and how this beer stacks up for us against all the rest!

PLUS – We take you behind the tanks at Diamond Knot brewery and get you the details in their new beer, with rockstar ties!

Whip Ale Goodies
News Story about Whip Ale

A little about Redhook:
Redhook currently produces several styles of beer, marketed under distinct brand names. Redhook’s flagship brand is Redhook ESB and its other principal products include Long Hammer IPA and its seasonal offerings. Redhook also produces and sells Widmer Hefeweizen in the midwest and eastern U.S. under a 2003 licensing agreement with Widmer Brothers Brewing Company.

Want to know more about Whip Ale? The following is straight from

New Beverage from Michael ‘Whip’ Wilton of Queensryche – “WHIP ALE”

“Whip Ale” is the new beer from Michael Wilton of Queensryche. The ingredients for this new pale ale were chosen by Michael himself andthe taste is a smoothwell flavored blend that is comparable to today’s top ales on the market.

Whip Ale will be distributed nationally in 2010.


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