STO’s New Exec Producer: Daniel Stahl | STOked 41

STO’s New Exec Producer: Daniel Stahl | STOked 41

We Interview Daniel Stahl, the new Executive Producer of Star Trek Online.  We get answers to the questions on your mind, and get some great news for Klingon players.


Plus – We feature your ideas to improving the Bridge Officers in STO!

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Top news:  Craig Zincievich steps down as Exec Prod of STO.  DStahl to fill his shoes.  We’ll have an interview w/ Stahl later in this show, to cover some news about the transition, and what this means for STO.  So don’t panic!


Season 2.0 should be on Tribble & ready for testing as of Tuesday, some new shiney things that should make it in: (lots of screens)

              If the full patch arrives, here are some of the major points:

– Level cap raised to 51

– Ship interiors

– Lvl 46-51 sector

– Klingon PvE missions

– Fed Diplomatic Corps

– Fleet Logos


To encourage testing:  Another chance to get a Tribble of Borg (and more?) coming in a few weeks.

– Also in this link:  information about the upcoming Weekly Content.


Copy your character to Tribble:


Reverse Shield Polarity: Changes forthcoming

– The ability is currently a standard in almost everyone’s build, because it is TOO good of a tool.             

– The ideas in this thread are only IDEAS to balance the ability, but a change WILL come.


Screenshots of the revamping of Sector Space

– Make it feel more vast (tighter grids, darker tones)

– Make the ships stand out more (better lighting and selection of background colors)





Say HELLO to the new Exec Producer:  Daniel Stahl





Bridge Officer improvement responses



Smuzzle:  Give each boff a specialization within their profession that results in a passive buff during ground combat when combined with other specializations.  Examples include Biologist (Science) + Weapon Manufacturer (Engineer) + Helmsman (Tactical) = 5% increase in quality of weapon equipment dropped by enemies.

Dr_Drake:  Be able to chat with your officers on your bridge/interiors.  Could just be 1-liners, chosen from a list that would include responses based on rank, profession, race and earned accolades.

Brock_Lee:  Allow passive feats to be advanced.

Micky Ward: Loyalty mechanics, driven by utilization and interaction w/ the Captain (both on missions, and via social mini-games on your ship like Chess & Poker), which would have a % effect on all abilities & recharge timers (disloyal crew perform poorly).

Scaryguy:  It all comes down to writing.  The current system could work, if the missions were just better written. (Everyone would have “the same crew” but we would at least care about them more.)




My Idea: Upon reaching Admiral, allow us to promote a boff to Captain and convert that boff into a CHARACTER starting in a Tier 4 ship.  These ‘second generation’ characters would need an incentive, like an extra Trait.


Multiple Requests for:

* Position assignments (Chief Engineer, First Officer, Security Chief, etc)

Rikturscale recommends that each position would have a requirement based on what your commissioned officer lineup is (e.g., Chief Medical officer would require you to have a total of 3 commissioned science officers.  No chief without indians.)

Rikturscale cont’d:  Each would also have an ability that would unlock. (e.g., Chief Science Officer would be capable of enhancing sensors once per hour — each anomaly in the area would have a chance of either doubling/splitting, or triggering enemy encounters that were “on the edge of sensor range.”)

* Temporary or Permanent removal of Boffs, via kidnap, injury, death or reassignment.

— Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

* Separate missions for your boffs

— Storyline driven, based on a selection of ‘traits’ or based on the innate ground traits already given.

— Include the ability to play AS YOUR BOFF, instead of the Captain.




Send in your ideas to revamp Sector Space (or replace? or remove?!)



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