The Dream is a Lie | CR 08

The Dream is a Lie | CR 08

Many of us have at some point dreamed of uploading an app or launching a web-service and becoming fabulously wealthy. For the most part we are all sadly mistaken.

This episode is all about dashing dreams and facing the biting wind of reality.

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Show Notes:


  • Emmet rights in again, sharing a solution to his issue.
  • Charles schools me a bit on the nitty gritty differences between LLVM and GCC. He also points out that C was at one point called “Portable Assembler”, so HAH!
  • Nicholas sends me a message in C!
  • James asks if I am using the Intel River Trail API at all and asks if we have a CR subreddit.
  • Atcl shares a great resource and some thoughts on the value of knowing assembler
  • Brandon would like some information on services like oDesk, eLance, and vWorker as a source for work.
  • Thomas and a number of others have joined me in trying Pomodoro coding and overall they seem to like it.

Technical Dependencies

Distribution Dependencies: What Is a Store When It Wants to Be More?

Human Dependencies or the Rockstar Syndrome

  • About that bus….
  • Fire any and all “Rockstars”

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