Jupiter@Nite BETA6: Google Your House & Moonbase Alpha Review

Jupiter@Nite BETA6: Google Your House & Moonbase Alpha Review
We’ve got the inside scope on Google’s efforts to get amazing imagery of some public, and not so public places! Then we literally tell you why every scientific fact you know, might be wrong!
Plus – We’ve played NASA’s new “MMO” on the moon, and give you the details on what’s coming down the road very soon!

Tonight’s Links:

Actual size of protons could be 4% smaller than previously measured
* This would mean the entire theory of Quantum Electro Dynamics (which several working quantum theories use) is WRONG

Neuroscientists say your brain is hardwired to crave the rollercoaster of romantic fulfillment – and rejection

* Under MRI, the brain shows stimulation in regions associated with pleasure and addiction, when dwelling on feelings of rejection.
* This explains SO MUCH about stupid relationship drama.

WARNING:  3D images can ruin your vision (Especially in developing children)

* The artificial 3D implemented in upcoming TV and video game devices is NOT true 3D.  Your brain sees it that way, but your eyes are not functioning correctly while watching it.
* It’s like staring at one of those Stereogram pictures (look like confetti ’til you cross your eyes and can see the teapot in “3D”)
* Watching a single movie per month won’t hurt you, but prolonged daily exposure to this technology can cause permanent lazy eye effects.
* SEGA’s Virtual device in the 1990s was scrapped for this reason, after Stanford Research Institute states “You cannot give this to kids!”

http://dspace.dsto.defence.gov.au/dspace/handle/1947/4079 — test results from an Australian lab, same as the reports done SRI in the 90s.

REVIEW:  Moon Base Alpha
Available FREE on Steam:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/39000/

* Not a full game, just a “proof of concept” — a tech demo, of sorts, meant to show some of the concepts & mechanics behind NASA’s upcoming MMORPG, “Astronaut:  Moon, Mars and Beyond” (no release date published)

* Basically, you walk around and fix up a base on the Moon that’s been hit by an asteroid.
* You perform a number of simple tasks basically consisting of “pick up a tool, click on a thingie, and wait.”
* During these interactions, you can try and complete a mini-game to shave seconds off the wait time.
– Controls during these mini-games are so soupy that I was only able to complete about 10% of them.  Done on purpose?
* The goal:  Repair the base in the fastest time possible, compare your score against other Leaderboards.
* You can cooperate with others to complete the task faster, but the matchmaking service doesn’t seem to work very well (I could find no other matches being played anywhere, had to create my own.  There is an OFFLINE mode if you want to try it solo.)

Related Article:  NASA game may encourage bad space habits
* It’s more fun to just drive around and crash into things in your moon buggy, than it is to complete the mission.
* “Up next:  GTA Moon Base!”


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