OnLive Review | LOTSO 11

OnLive Review | LOTSO 11

We review the hot new gaming on-demand streaming service, OnLive! Find out how well it plays on low-end and high-end systems, low bandwidth and high bandwidth and what the game selection is like.

Plus – We question if Take-Two Interactive, (the publisher of popular games series such as, BioShock, Civilization Grand Theft Auto, MLB/NBA/NHL 2k and many more games) can really produce a entirely new IP every single year.

Then we tell you why we are so excited about Deathspank, and share our thoughts on Hulu coming to the PS3 & Xbox 360.

More Info about OnLive:

OnLive is a new gaming service with a unique proposition: instead of downloading and running games traditionally on your computer, you run the games on their remote data centers and they stream the audiovisual output to your computer.

Games are stored on the OnLive service, and streamed to you when you want them.

In our testing, you’ll need at least a steady 700k/sec (about 5.5 megabits) down to get 720p output.

All this and more, on this week’s Legend of the Stoned Owl!

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