Live in Space & Win at Life | Jupiter@Nite BETA7

Live in Space & Win at Life | Jupiter@Nite BETA7

This evening on J@N we get inspired by talking about a tiny moon, and end up musing about what life would be like living in the luxury of outer-space.


Then we talk about new ways that game developers are motivating us to be better at life.




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Saturn’s TINY moon:


It’s only 5 miles across.  Kind of like a private island.


Can we buy & live on a tiny space island-moon?!

Chris & Jeremy get their geek on regarding THE FUTURE of ultra-exclusive real estate, and how awesome it would be too look out from your private villa at the planet-rise of Saturn and its epic ringscape.


Giant space rock gets a close-up:


But tiny extra-terrestrial moons aren’t the end-all, be-all.  How about an even LARGER island, situated among the multitude of moon-sized chunks of rock floating throughout our solar system’s asteroid belts?  Perhaps not a private island, but how about a Asteroid Day Spa & Resort?  Could the universe’s next Sin City be stationed on a space rock?


Lunar dust stirred up by solar winds could destroy man-made structures:


But with all our off-planet excursions, will our equipment hold up to the POUNDING inflicted by the vicious sun and its heinous winds, conspiring with the dusts and debris of space-bound objects?  Signs point to ‘no’.  Sadface.




But enough of the future, what about life RIGHT NOW?  Can every-day tasks be made more exciting, more rewarding?  Can it be made… into a GAME?


These guys seem to think that it can…


Epic Win!  Earn points for real life:


… and we kinda agree!  Never before has doing the dishes looked like so much fun!  Earn experience, find loot, and challenge your friends’ scores via this new iPhone app.


Mark Your Spot, Earn Karma:


Heck, even PARKING can be funtimes when you add in scoring.  Who doesn’t want to score?  Google and Android have made this little dream into a reality.




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