The Future of Computer Connectivity | Jupiter@Nite BETA9

The Future of Computer Connectivity | Jupiter@Nite BETA9

From social networking to high-speed wireless data transfer, we’re here to lay down the Internet Truth on the ways humans of this planet can stay connected to one another.


First, we give honorable mention to the ad campaign that wins at everything:  Old Spice


How the Old Spice Videos Are Being Made


But more than just gushing our praise upon the sleek voice and abs of their awesome spokesperson, we also check out some of the details on how the videos that have swept Twitter are actually created.  I’ll give you a hint:  The cameras are now DIAMONDS.


But enough of that frivolity – there’s real tech to talk tough about!


From the far reaches of the future, we discuss the new Light Peak technology being developed by Intel, and drool over their proposed data transfer rates.


Then we get a little esoteric with a wireless scheme that could redefine the idea of cloud computing and home networking.


And last but not least, we cover some of the specs and hype surrounding the next evolution of your beloved USB port.



Light Peak Technology

Wireless PCIe To Enable Remote Graphics Cards

SuperSpeed USB 3.0



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