Making Unity Useable | LAS | s23e03

Making Unity Useable | LAS | s23e03

Our top 10 tips to turn Unity into a great desktop! After years of rage, the crew of The Linux Action Show has grown to find a new respect, and maybe even some love for Unity. Tune in to find out details.

Plus: Is Valve making a XBMC competitor? Remote desktop suggestions, and converting video and audio formats under Linux.

And so much more!

All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Making Unity Useable


Brought to you by: System76

While over time we’ve changed our tune on Unity, early on we were kind of rough. We thought it would be a bit grounding to look back and what we used to say about Unity.

Thanks to System76 and their awesome Wild Dog Performance PC for sponsoring this week’s segment!

Previous thoughts on Unity:

“Apparently spending 15 minutes looking for something in a menu that is more attractive provides more value than getting things done in less than 5 seconds.”

“It’s not clever, it’s tacky and freakishly annoying.”

“I literally would wipe this off my system this instant if I was not forced to keep it for this review.”

Using Unity for the first time:


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