Outrageous Fortune | CR 11

Outrageous Fortune | CR 11

As Yoda would say — “Always in motion the future is”. Change is a fact of life and a fact of software development. It’s great to be the one driving change, but what happens when change seems to be driving you?

This week’s all about gritting your teeth and hanging on.

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  • Cole is doing some Django but is wondering if ROR generates enough HTML/JS that he would not have to fiddle with it if he used ROR.
  • Chris writes in to share some QT deployment wisdom and to share his current OSS project: personal audio server
  • Macarthur writes us a letter in C/C++ and took extra care to have it compile on compilers and machines. Also,has some interesting ideas on OO.
  • Macarthur (maybe same dude?) writes in to tell us that he has great success with Clang+LLVM for debugging but releases uses GCC.
  • Forlian writes in to share his success with Pomodoro and shares an extension for GNOME
  • Daniel asks about design patterns and needs a jumping off place for research.
  • Nick is using D with QT but is having a hard time configuring QTD. Also, some clarifications on Mike C++ and Java.
  • Jason’s Email — Jason has a tough choice to make. Oh and he made me build his email with Ant — Java fans REJOICE!
  • Ewoud writes in to remind us that there a lot of embedded developers out there working in C and to offer Bill (our aspiring Linux dev) some encouragement. Oh Also, he has robotics experience, so when the robots take over — blame him.

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Chris was Right About Code Journal

Castles on Sand

  • Platforms and frameworks are great… until they move your cheese.
  • Case Study: Phil Phish’s Fez and XNA.
  • Here today gone tomorrow — what do you mean it’s not supported???

Orders from on High

  • Management can be… interesting in some of their technical decisions. What happens when your specialty becomes legacy.
  • About those distribution platforms.

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