Two Strikes | Unfilter 15

Two Strikes | Unfilter 15

We clawed through all the election noise to find the real stories of the week, stories like The New York Police department\’s secret \”Demographics Unit\” assisted by the CIA that was caught spying, tracking, and collecting dossiers on citizens of the city, plus we\’ll share the story behind the now infamous female Russian punk collective that you might not have heard, and the nasty turn our drone warfare has taken. And we\’ve even got some good news too.

A former marine who served two tours in Afghanistan has been arrested after expressing his freedom of speech on his Facebook page-. He\’s now behind held by the government, and we\’ll share his story with you.

It\’s your feedback, and our follow up. All that and a lot more, in this week\’s Unfilter.

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The media’s anti-Russian bias?

Drone Update

Good News


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