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NFC and AFC South Preview | Northwest Goofballs | Episode 1

NFC and AFC South Preview | Northwest Goofballs | Episode 1

NFC and AFC South Preview: In episode 001, the Northwest Goofballs talk about the AFC and NFC South. Giving their picks for the division champs, as well as a team by team dissection of player losses and additions. Covering other team related topics as well. Is it Houston’s time to shine, or will Peyton Manning carry Indianapolis to another division championship in the AFC South? The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl last year, but will the return of Michael Turner push the Atlanta Falcons over the top in the NFC South?


NFC South

Atlanta Falcons

                  Offense: Total 13th (340/g) Rushing 15th (117/g) Passing 14th (223/g)

                       Defense: Total 21st (349/g) Rushing 10th (107/g) Passing 28th (242/g)


                            CB Dunta Robinson

                            OLB Sean Weatherspoon (R1)



Carolina Panthers

                  Offense: Total 19th (331/g) Rushing 3rd (156/g) Passing 27th (175/g)

                       Defense: Total 8th (316/g) Rushing 22nd (125/g) Passing 4th (191/g)


                            QB Jimmy Clausen (R2)


                            DE Julius Peppers

                            QB Jake Delhomme

                            WR Mushin Muhammed


New Orleans Saints

                  Offense: Total 1st (404/g) Rushing 6th (132/g) Passing 4th (272/g)

                       Defense: Total 25th (358/g) Rushing 21st (122/g) Passing 28th (236/g)


                            DE Alex Brown

                            DB Patrick Robinson (R1)

                            DE Jimmy Wilkerson


                            DE Charles Grant cut

                            LB Scott Fujita


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

                      Offense: Total 28th (288/g) Rushing 23rd (102/g) Passing 24th (186/g)

                       Defense: Total 27th (366/g) Rushing 32nd (158/g) Passing 10th (207/g)


                            DB Sean Jones

                            DT Gerald NcCoy (R1)


                            WR Antonio Bryant

                            DT Chris Hovan

                            DE Jimmy Wilkerson


AFC South

Houston Texans

                      Offense: Total 4th (383/g) Rushing 30th (92/g) Passing 1st (291/g)

                       Defense: Total 13th (325/g) Rushing 12th (107/g) Passing 18th (218/g)

                 Additions :

K Neil Rackers

CB Kareem Jackson (R1)


                            CB Dunta Robinson

                            DB Brian Russell

                            HB Chris Brown


Indianapolis Colts

Offense: Total 9th (363/g) Rushing 32nd (81/g) Passing 2nd (282/g)

                       Defense: Total 18th (339/g) Rushing 24th (127/g) Passing 14th (213/g)


                            DE Jerry Hughes (R1)


                            G Ryan Lilja

                            CB Marlin Jackson

                            LB Freddy Keiaho


Jacksonville Jaguars

              Offense: Total 18th (337/g) Rushing 10th (127/g) Passing 19th (210/g)

                       Defense: Total 23rd (352/g) Rushing 19th (116/g) Passing 27th (236/g)


                            LB Freddy Keiaho

                            DE Aaron Kampman

                            DE Tyson Alualu (R1)


                            DT John Henderson

                            WR Torry Holt

                            T Tra Thomas


Tennessee Titans

              Offense: Total 12th(351/g) Rushing 2nd (162/g) Passing 23rd (189/g)

                       Defense: Total 28th (366/g) Rushing 11th (107/g) Passing 31st (259/g)


                            CB Tye Hill

                            MLB Will Witherspoon

                            DE Derrick Morgan (R1)


                            DE Kyle Vanden Bosch

                            TE Algae Crumpler

                            OLB Keith Bullock

                            C Kevin Mawae

                            DE Jevon Kearse

                            CB Nick Harper

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