Top 3 Modern Medical Miracles & Inception Review! | Jupiter@Nite | 7.19.10

Top 3 Modern Medical Miracles & Inception Review! | Jupiter@Nite | 7.19.10

A bionic eyeball, the cures for Cancer & HIV, and then a review of Inception.

Tonight’s episode of Jupiter@Nite takes a look at some of the absolutely amazing developments in modern medicine there may just be a matter of a few short years away.



Telescopic Eye Implant approved by FDA:

     Invented to combat macular degeneration

     Made by a CO named: VisionCare

     Not as cool as it sounds:  $15,000 to go from “complete impairment” to “moderate impairment”.

     Only works about 75% of the time.

     VisionCare says it expects the F.D.A. to give its O.K. later this year.

     After implantation, extensive therapy is crucial, to learn to deal with the different abilities of the eyes.


Advances toward HIV vaccine:

     U.S. government scientists say they have discovered three powerful antibodies, the strongest of which neutralizes 91% of HIV strains.

     Previous attempts at a vaccine, like a recent one in Thailand, reduced the chances of infection only by about 30%

     The HIV antibodies were discovered in the cells of a 60-year-old African-American man.

     Vaccines are preventative only – don’t work as a cure.  However, vaccines for polio and smallpox have almost completely eliminated their spread in developed countries.


Cancer is immortal, but not for long!

     Cancer cells are capable of reproducing forever (read first couple paragraphs?)

     Researchers at Washington State University!

     Wait, wait… Cancer cells are immortal?  Can we adapt this to live forever?

     Substory:  What causes cancer?


     Mutations during copy & repair of damaged DNA (caused by carcinogens)

     Usually due to interruptions.  Compare to computers attempting to repair lost/damaged data from a backup drive with bad wiring.


Human sperm cells have not changedin 600 million years:

     A universal gene known as “Boule” is found in all species’ reproductive, uhm… juice.

     Scientists are talking about targeting this gene (somehow?) to kill off parasites and such.

              — Or, yknow, THE ENTIRE WORLD MAYBE.





              Premise:  High tech military scientists discover a way to induce shared dreaming, using a fancy breathing suitcase.  Black market criminals get their hands on it and use it to steal “secrets” from peoples’ dreams.  Leonardo DiCaprio leads a team that is really good at this.  So good that he’s eventually hired instead to place an idea within someone’s mind — an infinitely more difficult task than stealing one.

              The rest of the film is a combination of a psychological thriller, and a heist film.  It turns out that Leo is carrying some serious baggage that is interfering with other peoples’ dreams when he joins their subconscious.  He wins by confronting his past.


* The movie is attempting to act like it’s a lot smarter than it really is.  Using high-brow pseudo-scientific terms and psychological mumbo-jumbo, it tries to pull the wool over your eyes and make itself seem a lot more epic than it is.  It’s really about on par with a comic book.

* I like the concept, but hate the execution.  Bad science.

– Dreams are extremely convoluted and charged with raw unchecked emotions and sudden shifts of mood.  These dreams are somehow stabled and as unbending as reality.

– Conscious and subconscious can rarely co-exist.  By realizing that you are dreaming, you attempt to force confinement and structure into an experience that is otherwise interpretive.

– “Being John Malcovich” had more convincing dream sequences.

* Leo is a boring actor.  He always seems to play the same role.

* Some of the special effects are outstanding (the no-gravity sequences and the dream cityscapes stand out).




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