Apollo Moon Landing’s Birthday! | Jupiter@NIte | 7.20.10

Apollo Moon Landing’s Birthday! | Jupiter@NIte | 7.20.10

We celebrate the 41st birthday of the Apollo moon landing, and update you on the latest developments in NASA’s plans for impending exploration of our solar system.

Plus find out how tropical caves hold the secrets of alien life.



     Today (7/20) is the 41st Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing


     NASA’s Apollo Program, which ran from 1968 to 1972, consisted of a series of 17 manned flights.

     The first 10 missions were used to test various elements of what a lunar landing mission was expected to be like.

     Armstrong and Aldrin remained on the moon for just over 21 hours.

     Of which two and a half were spent outside the spacecraft.

     The Apollo Program continued with an additional six missions (Apollo 12-17).


     Senate orders NASA to create a gimongous rocket



     Tropical caves could resemble alien biospheres:





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