Joss Whedon Will Avenge Us! | Jupiter@Nite | 7.22.10

Joss Whedon Will Avenge Us! | Jupiter@Nite | 7.22.10

Tonight on J@N, we give you the epic recap of Day One of the San Diego Comic Con. We’ve been around the block enough to know what to expect to come out of this little shindig, so what have we NOT seen? No Hulk news? No Batman announcements? No World of Warcraft movie footage? *pout*

What we DID get, we discuss in beautifully nerdy detail, including Joss Whedon’s official attachment to Marvels “Avengers” film, a new TRON trailer, and some gameplay features of DC Universe Online that will let you live out your fantasies in the capes and unitards of DC’s most famous heroes and villains.



Re-casting of Hulk

Norton vs. Marvel backstory:

News of Warcraft movie (or visuals/footage?)

Nothing on Transformers

Bond news

Bond 23 gets axed:

Next Batman movie (villain lineup?)

Green Lantern movie information

              Ryan Reynolds




Joss Whedon announces he will be directing “The Avengers” for Marvel


New TRON Legacy trailer

– Neatest bit of movie magic = Jeff Bridges actually looks ~30 yrs old


SOE announces “Legend Play” for DC Universe Online

* An alternative form of arena PvP where you play as established DC Universe characters against other players.  Gives you a premade, PvP-centric character build.  No accidentally gimping your toon cuz you play primarily PvE.

* Similar in some ways to LOTRO’s “Monster Play” PvP.


Pirates 4 is official. Sigh.  With more zombies.


G4 is getting four animated Marvel cartoons:


-Iron Man




Stay up-to-date on SDCC news:




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