Now With More Ownership! | Jupiter@Nite | 7.26.10

Now With More Ownership! | Jupiter@Nite | 7.26.10

Tonight on J@N, Chris and Jeremy give you the details that you need to know about the sweeping and epic changes that give you, the owner, more control over your gadgets and media. Find out how the DMCA got a kick in the crotch, and we tell you about your newfound freedom!

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Epic win for end-users today:


    Goes beyond just phone jailbreaking

    Allows DVD ripping for Fair Use

    Cracks on video games (for “security testing”)

    And audio readers for Ebooks.

    Is Hackintosh’ing now legal?

    Thanks to Charles B in the Buzz feed for highlighting all that


Gizmodo does a top 5 big changes


How to legally back up your DVDs:


1.    Download Handbreak (Mac / Lin / Win)

2.    Download VLC (Handbrake requires this for decryption on the Mac)

3.    Handbrake can now rip Directly from the DVD to a video file


Backing up Blu-Ray/HD-DVD Legally (Windows Only):


1.    Download Handbrake

2.    Download AnyDVD HD (not free) or DVD FAB Passkey (free, not as current?)

3.    Use AnyDVD HD or DVD Fab Passkey to rip the disc to your hard drive, then use Handbrake to encode a file.

a.    Blu-Ray discs prove to be a bit more of a challenge than DVDs, not just their encryption, but also large size. Check out this writeup on Gizmodo for more info!


Want a How to on Handbrake? Check out Chris’ video on the subject!



In the OMG YES Section of News:


The Back to the Future trilogy will be out on Blu-Ray Oct 26th! Pre-order here!



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