How to Use Demo Record | STOked 44

How to Use Demo Record | STOked 44

Learn how to record every pixel of your Star Trek Online game play! Plus catch the highlights from our live game play event this past weekend, and find out what we have in store for a brand-new mega-twist to our mail segment!

All that and more, in this week’s episode of STOked!

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     Live gameplay on Tribble

     Math segment on a tool so powerful, we considered not doing a segment about it.

     Explanation on the next step of our mission competition.




Season 2 will launch Tuesday, July 27th!



Rename your Runabout:

              * New Runabouts can be renamed in the usual manner.

              * Older Runabouts can be renamed using the following command:

                            – /RenameShip “Danube Class Runabout” “U.S.S. Your Ship Name”


Sovereign is next on CapnLogan’s revamp radar



This month’s “Ask Cryptic” is up!


– “Politely and respectfully” … sounds like they’ve been getting flamed out of hand.  Shame on you!


Martial Arts becomes viable again on Tribble!

              Power changes:

* Palm Strike/Rifle Butt: Fixed bug that prevented associated Hold from being resisted

* Palm Strike/Rifle Butt: Lowered the base chance of the Hold being triggered from 50% to 10%.




Keep your mission submissions coming!


On next week’s show, we’re going to announce our top picks that will get re-created by the STOked team as an epic tutorial/machinima video.


After those picks are made, we’ll be posting a POLL.  The winner of that poll will be the mission we pour the entirety of our fleet resources behind, and get turned into a fan-made STO episode.




Guide for Demo Record –


Link to EPIC Demo Record thread –


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