Money & Drugs | Jupiter@Nite | 7.27.10

Money & Drugs | Jupiter@Nite | 7.27.10

Tonight’s show is all about finding weird stuff in odd places. From buried treasure, to strange garage sale finds and hidden stashes of drugs! This topic leads us to talk about Oakland’s new weed-farmer laws, and the future of legalized marijuana.

Hey look, Alan’s back! Welcome back, Alan!

Tonight’s Links:


Dude finds $1million in ancient coins w/ Metal Detector

– Don’t these metal detector dudes usually hang out on beaches?  I guess that’s why they don’t find anything!

– He split the proceeds with the farmer who’s land he found it on.  What a nice dude.


Dude buys $45 worth of slides that turn out to be $200million of Ansel Adams lost photos

– The dude talked the garage sale dude down from $70.

– … though, in his defense, who the hell charges $70 for a couple boxes of old slides?

– These slides were thought lost in a fire in the 1930s.

– Ansel Adams, if you don’t know, is one of the most famous American photographers ever.


Dude gets a $4,800 surprise in a painting from an auction (WOO, marijuana!)

– That’s what I call ART!

– He’s 80 years old!  That’s older than most people that are alive.

– He was intending to sell the painting (with frame and goodies intact) for a mere $25. SOLD!


In related news:  Oakland will be allowing widescale growing of weed for MEDICINAL use:

– Industrial farming of marijuana requires strict fire safety laws, apparently.  So we don’t get to burn down their fields for happy fun time parties.

– The first big leap toward wide spread legalization?!


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