FBI Gone Wild | Unfilter 18

FBI Gone Wild | Unfilter 18

The Internet Archive is amassing the worlds TV News Since 2009, we explore this amazing new tool, plus we cover the details of a new study linking the commonly used chemical BPA to childhood obesity, we’ll summarize the tensions developing between Japan and China, and so much more.

The media is trying to link the Military\’s reactionary pull back in Afghanistan to the innocence of muslims YouTube video, but the grim facts paint a much different picture.

Then It’s your feedback, and our important updates.

All that and a lot more on this week’s Unfilter.

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ACT THREE: Feedback

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  • Lynx Music:

He goes by Illusionist Lynx and he’s used MATH to make music (and a bunch of ther cool methods) check out his pay-what-you-want music on his bandcamp site: Illusionist Lynx

  • Nicholas is getting married, and he needs your HELP!

Nicholas is live streaming his marriage proposal, and hopes to have the JB audience tune in, and maybe help get his girl friend to the right location!

The site people can visit is http://rachelwillyoumarryme.com/

  • Visit his site an hour before the event (countdown on his website)
  • When the call to action comes, help him spam his girlfriend into arriving at the correct location.
  • To help organize, show up early and watch the show’s subreddit!

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