Obama’s Dronegeddon | Unfilter 19

Obama’s Dronegeddon | Unfilter 19

A major new report on the secret US drone war in Pakistan says the attacks have killed far more civilians than acknowledged, traumatized a nation, and undermined international law. Stay tuned for the full details, and our thoughts.

From the headlines we’ll introduce you to what the media’s wants you to be scared about this fall season, the violent protests in Spain this week, and why a Brazilian judge has ordered the arrest Google\’s head of operations.

PLUS: Many of you have written in with some hard questions about the media’s coverage of the presidential candidates, or better put, who they refuse to cover. It’s your feedback, and our follow up.

All that and a lot more on this week’s Unfilter.

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ACT TWO: Living Under Drones

This report is the result of nine months of research by the International Human Rights
and Conflict Resolution Clinic of Stanford Law School (Stanford Clinic) and the Global
Justice Clinic at New York University School of Law (NYU Clinic).

In December 2011, Reprieve, a charity based in the United Kingdom, contacted the
Stanford Clinic to ask whether it would be interested in conducting independent
investigations into whether, and to what extent, drone strikes in Pakistan conformed to
international law and caused harm and/or injury to civilians. The Stanford Clinic agreed
to undertake independent fact-finding and analysis on these questions, as well as others
related to drone strikes and targeted killings in Pakistan, beginning in December 2011.
Later, the NYU Clinic agreed to join the research project and participated in the second
research trip to Pakistan, as well as in additional research, writing, and editing of this

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ACT THREE: Feedback

Follow Up

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