The Great Movie Trilogy Debate | Jupiter@Nite | 8.3.10

The Great  Movie Trilogy Debate | Jupiter@Nite | 8.3.10

Opinions are like buttholes – everybody has one, and most stink. Today on J@N, the boys are back to share their opinionated buttholishness with the entire Internet, as they debate the question of the ages:

What is the best movie trilogy of ALL TIME?

Join us as we debate the merits and failings of some of the biggest movie franchises ever to grace the big screen, and reveal the winner of this coveted title.

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NOTE:  To narrow the list down, we’ve decided to ONLY discuss Trilogies that are original works.  Not ones based on books (Lord of the Rings), comic books (Spider-Man) or remakes (Oceans 11).




Star Wars (IV, V, VI)

Back to the Future


Indiana Jones

Toy Story





The Fly

Mad Max


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Star Wars Prequels:

In the new trilogy, Anakin Skywalker portrays a damning indictment of technology’s modern dehumanization of mankind through Hayden Christensen’s lifeless, almost inhuman performance. There is a river of tragedy in every robotic line he utters, a horrific monotonal indication of his cyborgal fate.

Matrix Trilogy:

The rest of the casting leaves much to be desired, with the only bright spot being Monica Bellucci in both sequels. Her performances in the two films are a pair of ripe, full, well-rounded portrayals of firm, voluptuous womanhood that will go down as as two of the breast roles in recent mammary.


“Back to the Future” is the WORST TRILOGY EVAR

1) Marty’s parents give birth to a guy that looks just like a dude they went to high school with.

2) Calvin Klein got famous off Marty’s undies, and looks nothing like him!
3) Biff became a psuedo-servant, and nobody mentions his attempted rape!?

4) Marty has to find out first-hand that his mother is a danger-slut.

5) Marty steals the invention of Rock & Roll from black people!

6) Zemeckis also has Marty invent the Civil Rights movement (Mayor Goldie Wilson!)


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