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AFC & NFC East Preview | Northwest Goofballs Episode 2

AFC & NFC East Preview | Northwest Goofballs Episode 2

NFC and AFC East Preview: In episode 002 The Northwest Goofballs break down the East, Making their picks for division champions.They also offer opinions on team acquisitions and losses, as well as highlighting key players and scenarios for each team. What will tip the scales in the AFC East? Bill Belichick’s passing powered offense, or Rex Ryan’s 1st ranked defense? The NFC East had 3 teams that could have won the division last year. With Donovan’s move from Philly to Washington will we see a new contender this year, Or will an ever stronger Dallas roll through everybody in their path.

WARNING: The Northwest Goofballs Football Podcast may contain explicit content. We are not professionals, we are idiots. Listening to us will make you taller, and less aggravating to the people around you. Side effects of not listening may include cranial leakage, vacated bowels, Turkey neck, testicular implosion, and a stupid look on your face!

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NFC and AFC East Preview:


NFC East


Dallas Cowboys (11-5)

Offense: Total 2nd (399/g) Rushing 7th (131/g) Passing 6th(268/g)

                     Defense: Total 9th (316/g) Rushing 4th (90/g) Passing 20th (225/g)


                            WR Dez Bryant(R1)


                            OT Flozell Adams


                            OLB DeMarcus Ware (11 sacks)

                            QB Tony Romo

                            RB Marion Barber / RB Felix Jones

                            WR Miles Austin (11td)

                            ILB Bradie James (113 tkls)

                            TE Jason Witten (94 rec, 1030yds)


New York Giants (8-8)

Offense: Total 8th (366/g) Rushing 17th (114/g) Passing 11th (251/g)

                     Defense: Total 13th (325/g) Rushing 14th (111/g) Passing 15th (214/g)


                            FS Antrel Rolle

                            DE Jason Pierre-Paul(R1)


                            LB Antonio Pierce


                            RB Brandon Jacobs/ RB Ahmad Bradshaw

                            QB Eli Manning

                            CB Terell Thomas (85 tackles, 5 int)

                            DE Osi Umenyiora

                            WR Steve Smith(107 rec, damn)

Philadelphia Eagles (11-5)

Offense: Total 11th (358/g) Rushing 22nd (102/g) Passing 10th (255/g)

                     Defense: Total 12th (321/g) Rushing 9th (104/g) Passing 17th (216/g)


                            DE Brandon Graham(R1)

                            DB Marlin Jackson(IR)

                            LB Ernie Sims


                            G Shawn Andrews

                            RB Brian Westbrook

                            DB Marlin Jackson (IR)

                            QB Donovan McNabb


                            QB Kevin Kolb or QB Michael Vick

                            RB LeSean McCoy or RB Mike Bell

                            CB Asante Samuel


Washington Redskins (4-12)

Offense: Total 22nd (312/g) Rushing 27th (94/g) Passing 16th (218/g)

                     Defense: Total 10th (319/g) Rushing 16th (112/g) Passing 8th (207/g)


                            QB Donovan Mcnabb

                            OT Trent Williams(R1)

                            RB Willie Parker

                            RB Larry Johnson

                            WR Joey Galloway

                            CB Phillip Buchanon

                            Coach Shanahan


                            WR Antwaan Randle el

                            OT Levi Jones

                            G Mike Williams(IR)


                            DT Albert Haynesworth

                            RB Clinton Portis / Parker / Johnson (deepest backfield in NFL?)

                            FS LaRon Landry

                            LB London Fletcher (142 tkls)

                            OLB Brian Orakpo, DE Andre Carter (11 sacks each)




AFC East


Buffalo Bills (6-10)

Offense: Total 30th (274/g) Rushing 16th (117/g) Passing 30th (157/g)

                     Defense: Total 19th (340/g) Rushing 30th (156/g) Passing 2nd (184/g)


                            LB Andra Davis90 tackles

                            RB C.J. Spiller(R1)


                            WR Terrell Owens


                            DE Aaron Schobel (10 sacks)

                            MLB Paul Posluszny (111tkls, 3ff, 3int)

                            QB Trent Edwards or QB Ryan Fitzpatrick

                            DT Marcus Stroud


Miami Dolphins (7-9)

Offense: Total 17th (337/g) Rushing 4th (139/g) Passing 20th (198/g)

                     Defense: Total 22nd (349/g) Rushing 18th (114/g) Passing 24th (234/g)


                            DT Jared Odrick(R1)

                            LB Carlos Dansby

                            WR Brandon Marshall


                            DE Jason Taylor7 sacks             

                            DB Gibril Wilson93 tackles

                            OLB Joey Porter9 sacks

                            LB Akin Ayodele71 tackles


                            QB Chad Henne or QB Chad Pennington

                            RB Ronnie Brown(RFA) / RB Ricky Williams

                            SS Yeramiah Bell (114tkls)


New England Patriots (10-6)

Offense: Total 3rd (397/g) Rushing 12th (120/g) Passing 3rd (277/g)

                     Defense: Total 11th (320/g) Rushing 13th (110/g) Passing 12th (209/g)


                            CB Devin McCourty(R1) (Not expected to start)

                            TE Alge Crumpler

                            WR Torry Holt


                            LB Adalius Thomas

                            G Logan Mankins(RFA) not off team


                            Welker/ Moss/ Holt

                            RB Laurence Maroney

                            OLB Tully Banta-Cain 10 Sacks

                            ILB Jerod Mayo 103 Tackles


New York Jets (9-7)

Offense: Total 20th (321/g) Rushing 1st (172/g) Passing 31st (149/g)

                     Defense: Total 1st (252/g) Rushing 8th (98/g) Passing 1st (153/g)


                            CB Kyle Wilson(R1)

                            FS Brodney Pool

                            RB LaDainian Tomlinson

                            DE/OLB Jason Taylor

                            WR Santonio Holmes

                            DB Antonio Cromartie


                            G Alan Faneca

                            RB Thomas Jones 1402 yards

                            CB Lito Sheppard

                            RB Leon Washington


                            CB Darrelle Revis Hold Out

                            QB Mark Sanchez

                            RB Shonn Green(5 ypc)  plus LT = #1 rushing?

                            TE Dustin Keller

                            ILB David Harris 127 tackles


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