Science That Scares Us | Jupiter@Nite | 8.9.10

Science That Scares Us | Jupiter@Nite | 8.9.10

At Jupiter Broadcasting we love technology and science. Let’s be honest, it’s most the reason we even started with all this show stuff. But every now and then, technology and science take an advance that even gives techno-lovers like us serious pause.

In tonight’s show we look at these types of scientific advances, and just what about them has us awake at night!

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Alan says Lasik is scary

  1. Common side effects
  2. An entire site dedicated to


Chris fears diet soda!

  1. Apparently, aspartame found in many diet beverage will destroy your body.. Crap.
  2. Artificial Sweeteners cause high blood pressure.
  3. In some test, a drink a day causes a 30% chance in women to have pre-term deliveries.


Jeremy fears the Robot Apocalypse

  1. Apple buys patent on “LiquidMetal”closer to reality
  2. Google fights back with airborne drones.
  3. This arms race will consume us all!!!  THE END IS NIGH


Large Hadron Collider scares us all!

  1. Seems to have the potential to be the ultimate harbinger of our deaths.
  2. Some say it is being , say whu?
  3. Despite already being the harbinger of our destruction,


Doctors injecting things in us that glow.. FREAKS US OUT!

  1. They glowing things are called “beans”
  2. “Beans" stands for Bioelectrical Mechanical Autonomous Nano Systems.
  3. The researchers think it would be possible to develop devices that manage diabetics' blood sugar without them noticing it.


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