Kids Say… Awards | FauxShow 111

Kids Say… Awards | FauxShow 111

Angela and Chris give awards to the viewers that sent in meme’s using pictures from an album provided on FauxShow’s G+ page. Combine that with a great mail sack and you have yourself a FauxShow!

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Best show ever guys humming boots and cats.


I was just watching JB\’s videos on what equipment is used in the studio. I\’m looking to get a capture card and the Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro looks like a good choice. My question is…would I be able to use it like I would a webcam? Would I be able to select it as a source within Youtube or chatroulette or any flash based online apps?


Nickname: Sharok
like share and rock sticked together, without interruption.

I really like your shows, and became watching them religiously on youtube and I just found a new way of enjoying them. 
I discovered that I can stream your shows on my TV, using a PS3 with an android phone as remote!

I can now enjoy your show on a 40 inch television, without any tweaking! I really wasn\’t interested in buying a device like a boxeebox, but liked the idea of having my favorite internet shows on my TV. Now I can do that without investing anything!

BTW: I miss Allan\’s and the other other Allan\’s war stories on TechSNAP :(

(I\’m sorry if my text is unclear, English isn\’t my native language, and I\’m sorry of saying sorry, I am Canadian, sorry. XD)

Just thought I’d share these pictures with you guys of my school’s TV studio I work in every morning when we produce our morning announcements, and a supplemental sports report and entertainment report. Then Every Friday we do a fun show “TGIF.” It’s been a blast so far this year.


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