Before They Were Expendable | Jupiter@Nite | 8.12.10

Before They Were Expendable | Jupiter@Nite | 8.12.10

A boxer, an award-winning high diver, a world-champion martial artist, the most popular pro wrestler ever, a 5-time UFC champion, a karate champ, and a pro NFL player. Plus a hairdresser and a musician. These guys are respectable ass-kickers, both on the screen, and off.

Before they joined forces to become the most manly mercenary squad ever seen on the big screen, the stars of The Expendables each had their own careers, in Hollywood and beyond. But how’d they do on their own, back in those days? We’ll discuss the highlights and lowlights of the past lives of these big screen badasses.

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Sylvester Stallone:  Hairdresser

  1. Worked in his parents’ Beauty Salon as a kid, and briefly attended Beauty School.
  2. First screen appearance was in softcore porn flick “Party at Kitty & Stud’s” (later re-released under the title “Italian Stallion” to capitalize on his Rocky fame.)


We could probably argue all night about this guy’s best and worst movies all night.  I think it’s probably best if we just pick our personal nominees.


Chris – Cliff Hanger

Jeremy – Demolition Man

Alan – Fuck Stallone? I mean, f**k.


Jason Statham:  Diving Champion

  1. An award-winning high dive champion before being ‘discovered’ and asked to do movies. (sidebar:  This history has led to some fans linking him to “Aquaman” and “Submariner” movie projects that have occasionally been rumored.)
  2. Well-known for doing all his own stunts and martial arts.
  3. His ‘breakout’ role was probably in “The Transporter,” but I remember him from “Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch.”
  4. He also previously starred with Jet Li in “The One”and “War


Jet Li:  Martial Arts Wonder

  1. Was an international wushu champion by the age of 16.
  2. First big American film: “Lethal Weapon 4” then “Romeo Must Die” (only did LW4 in order to secure role in RMD – same director.)
  3. Turned down the role of “Seraph” in the Matrix Trilogy, and the role that Chow Yun-Fat played in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.”


Dolph Lungren:  Bodybuilder and Karate Champion

  1. Most easily identified as Ivan Drago from Rocky IV, but is actually Swedish.  Noteworthy roles include “He-Man” and “The Punisher.”
  2. Holds a Masters Degree in chemical engineering.
  3. Expendables will be his first theatrical big-budget release since 1995’s “Johnny Mnemonic.”  He’s been doing direct-to-video psuedo-flops and directing independent films with minimal success.


Randy Couture:  UFC Heavyweight Champion

  1. The ONLY five-time champion of the UFC in history.  Wowsers.
  2. This will be his big-screen debut.  He’s played some TV roles in the past, including guest spots on “King of Queens” and “The Unit.”


Steve Austin:  Professional Wrestler

  1. Best known as “Stone Cold” from his WCW and WWF wrestling days.  To this day, still considered the most popular wrestler ever, despite retiring in 2003.
  2. Has been acting in TV and Film since a stint of 6 episodes of “Nash Bridges” in 1999, but only ever starred once (2007:  “The Condemned”).  “Chuck” fans might recognize him as Hugo Panzer.
  3. Mentioned in an interview:  Steve nearly broke Sly’s neck while shooting a scene for Expendables.  Resulted in surgery and a metal plate in his neck.


Mickey Rourke:  Boxer

  1. His face.  My god, his face! HIS FAAAAACE!  Apparently his dramatic change in physical appearance was due to a boxing career in the 90s which left him really badly beat up, and he later said that he was going to “the wrong guy” for reconstructive surgery.
  2. Recently, well known for his roles in “The Wrestler” and “Iron Man 2


Terry Crews:  NFL Defensive End

  1. The (other) Old Spice guy!  The one that rides a tiger.
  2. Professional NFL player from 1991-1998, then retired and pursued acting.


Bruce Willis:  Singer/Songwriter

  1. Started in Television with comedic role in “Moonlighting.”  His first, and most well-known action role was in “Die Hard” which immediately catapulted him into fame.
  2. Also a somewhat-successful musician, with a few albums that don’t entirely suck.





Arnold Schwarzenegger:


This is another where we could go on and on and on about his career, and what we feel are his best and worst films.


Eric Roberts:

  1. Most recently seen as the ‘evil’ leader of the anti-superhero agency on “Heroes” television show.  
  2. Only noteworthy lead movie roles were in the 80s as dramatic leads (opposite Mickey Rourke in “Pope of Greenwich Village”).  
  3. Will be appearing on Season 4 of “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” to get over what he claims is a marijuana addiction.


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