Ubuntu 12.10 Review | LAS | s24e01

Ubuntu 12.10 Review | LAS | s24e01

It’s our review of Ubuntu 12.10, we explain our love hate relationship with Canonical’s latest release. Plus the new tricks under the hood introduced in Quantal Quetzal, and if this a “must” upgrade, or a must pass. Tune in to find out!

Plus: We’ll explain Kernel team’s Brew HaHa! with Nvidia this week, the Linux Foundations workaround for SecureBoot, some big changes for Arch users…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Ubuntu 12.10 Review:


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  • I still find myself finding a lot of time tweaking my Ubuntu 12.10 install. However I am now tweaking different things. Less theme stuff, and more changing defaults and adding my preferred apps over Ubuntu’s default choices (Chrome, Geary, Dropbox, Pidgin, etc). None of this is hard to do, in fact Ubuntu feels almost as well supported as Windows these days from the software vendors I follow.

  • As Ubuntu gets more and more polished, I would love to see a day when only simple user preferences need to be tweaked.

  • Quantal includes the 3.5.0–15.23 Ubuntu Linux kernel which was based on the v3.5.4 upstream Linux kernel.

  • Unity Previews

  • Revamped Update Manager

  • Online account and Web service desktop integration.

  • Unity Previews

  • Unity Shopping Lens
    • This needs to be user selectable. Maybe I’d rather have my “More suggestions” search be Google, or twitter. They should allow the user to select which “More suggestions” search is used in the home lens.
  • Nautilus 3.4.2 file manager. This is not the newest version of Nautilus.

  • Amazon inclusion in Unity.

  • Unity 2D Removed from Ubuntu 12.10

  • Ubuntu 12.10 Drops Unity 2D Desktop

  • 10 Things To Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal Quetzal

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