Kill The Cineplex! | Jupiter@Nite | 8.16.2010

Kill The Cineplex! | Jupiter@Nite | 8.16.2010

Is 3D just another attempt at our cash, or a real theater feature? Ticket prices go up, concession treats are expensive and awful for you, home theaters are bigger and better every year… So why are we still going to the movie theater?

The Expendables opened to $32.5 million in profits, Toy Story 3 has crossed $400 million in revenue.

With these profits kinda of revenues, how can the theaters still be losing so much money? What can they do besides raise the ticket price? We tackle that very topic!

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  1. "The Expendables" into first place with a total of $32.5 million.
  2. That gross marks the highest debut of Stallone's career — although, as Box Office Mojo points out, that's only in terms of unadjusted-for-inflation revenue, not in terms of total ticket sales.
  3. "Toy Story 3" Domestically, it just crossed the $400 million mark, which puts it in second place for animated releases behind "Shrek 2," which earned $441.2 million in North America.


What’s going on with 3D?

  1. First time 3D was tried? 1953.
  2. An estimated 50 or more 3-D films are in the pipeline for the next two years.
  3. About of Avatar’s 80 percent of its $749 million in ticket sales came from more expensive 3-D screenings.
  4. By year’s end, the number of 3-D screens could rise to 7,000 (about one-sixth of the country’s 40,200 screens).
  5. About 70 percent of moviegoers bought 3-D glasses for the March 5 opening weekend of "Alice in Wonderland," but only 60 percent did so for the much-hyped "Toy Story 3" in June. "Clash of the Titans," one of the year’s most poorly-reviewed 3-D releases, sold only 55 percent of its opening-weekend tickets for 3-D showings.

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New Movies on Demand, at Home the Future?

  1. Verizon demo’s 1Gbps service to the home, super high-res video streaming to follow after?


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