Perfect Linux Server | LAS | s24e02

Perfect Linux Server | LAS | s24e02

The amazing open source projects we love that will take your Linux box to the next level! It’s our tips, tricks, and software we love that make our Home Linux server perfect!

Plus: Is Mark Shuttleworth moving Ubuntu’s future development behind closed doors? The fundamental issues between Nvidia and the Kernel devs, the big features coming to Gnome 3.8…


All this week on, The Linux Action Show!

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Perfect Linux Home Server:


Brought to you by: System76

What makes for a good server OS? A few important things to look for:

  • A deep repository of packages, that are reasonably current.
  • Good online support/community for howto’s and guides.
  • Good security.

I was not happy with my big storage options for Linux, I want a native kernel level implementation of ZFS, but I want the cutting edge software options of Linux.

I bought a FreeNAS Mini from iXsystems that I use as my backend storage apliance. In front of that I have an Ubuntu 12.04 that has an NFS mount to the ZFS storage on the FreeNAS Mini box.

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